Babymooning in Victoria

This past week we had a WONDERFUL time on “babymoon” in Victoria, B.C.  Here’s Kabyn getting ready to board the Victoria Clipper:

On to the Clipper!

And the loveliest city around:

The view from our hotel room was delightful to wake up to every day (at 9 or 10am), and also lovely to see lit up each evening.  After a long day of walking around the waterfront, we found (much to our delight!) that Canadian cable channels show the Simpsons about four times per evening.


We spent a wonderful day walking around the beautiful Butchart Gardens:

Butchart Gardens

And it must be mentioned that God heard Kabyn’s fervent prayers and there was SUN every day we were there!!

Enjoying Vacation

I happily studied some physics in my favorite study location:

Physics in the Pool

And one day for dinner, we ate rich treats and tea at the Empress!

Tea at the Empress

All in all, a wonderful trip God blessed us with.  We also got a scenic tour of the washrooms of Victoria, as I had to stop us about every half hour–which resulting in us finding some cute coffee shops and restaurants, as well.  Kabyn patiently waited for me about 10 times a day, as it seems the baby’s new favorite game is to bounce on her (yes, it’s a girl, sorry I never updated that!) mom’s bladder. 

We ate tons of delicious food, enjoyed relaxed conversation, and just got some SUN for the first time in, well, since our honeymoon perhaps?  It was also our first days off since our honeymoon, so much needed and enjoyed.  A definite blessing, and a very memorable week together. 

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One Response to Babymooning in Victoria

  1. annie says:

    I love Victoria! Growing up, we used to go all the time…and sometimes we even stayed at the Empress because my Dad’s company was paying. The pictures are great…you look beautiful 🙂

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