Tom Sawyers

Today we had the wonderful blessing of a visit from a few generous souls from the South.  Meaning Olympia, specifically The Evergreen State College.  My dad, who is both helpful in service and creative in planning, conscripted three students to trek up to Seattle for an afternoon city tourist adventure of–you guessed it–painting our fence.  Two lovely young foreign exchange students, Min Young from Korea and Katsue from Japan, who had never painted before but did an amazing job, patiently getting in between quite a good many fence slats.  Tim, from good old Monroe, Washington, did a great job as well–even helping to sweep off decades of mildew and who knows what that my dad scrubbed off the fence before we began.  Matt Robinson, one of our downstairs dwellers, cheerfully came and helped out as well.  I’m happy to say I got a good few hours of squatting training in for labor, and Kabyn was happy to see that for at least one time, something off his long house-to-do list got done without him even having to be there.  Here’s some pictures:

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One Response to Tom Sawyers

  1. Katsue says:

    I painted for the first time! I became an expert!! Thank you, Greg and Alyssa!!

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