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A Week in St. Louis, A Week in Seattle

So this last week Kabyn went to St. Louis for a class at Covenant Seminary and I stayed behind in the ever-glamorous city of Seattle.  While I was here, however, I indulged in lots of nesting, with help from some great … Continue reading

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Nesting, and a Baby-Size Carbon Footprint

We have received a number of generous, great condition, lovely hand-me-downs from our baby’s wonderful godparents and her three big godsisters, the adorable flowergirls from our wedding: But, grad school takes a lot of time and the outdoors of the … Continue reading

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The Marvelous Day…

…of Food, Fun, Friends, and Paint, or so our evite had promised.  The day dawned bright and clear, and it turned into exactly that.  My parents showed up first, which I told Kabyn with certainty that would happen beforehand–everywhere we … Continue reading

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The Three of us, on the Fourth of July

Me and the baby, desperately bored of working on a manuscript on mutation sites in DNA.  We’ve just begun our 30th week together. Kabyn, super excited to be working on the house on the Fourth of July.  And on a … Continue reading

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