The Marvelous Day…

…of Food, Fun, Friends, and Paint, or so our evite had promised.  The day dawned bright and clear, and it turned into exactly that.  My parents showed up first, which I told Kabyn with certainty that would happen beforehand–everywhere we went in my childhood we were on time, which meant we were also usually early.  I can’t say this good habit has completely transferred to my adult life, though Kabyn is pretty timely so that’s gotten me back on track.

So anyhow, the marvelous day had begun with marvelous pancakes and marvelous strawberries, then some marvelous painting.  The pictures in part narrate the day:

Morning/midday painters, preparing for lunch, which my mom mostly brought for us, which was lovely.  There really should be a picture here of Kari who painted almost more than humanly possible in a day—AND brought an amazing strawberry-rhubarb homemade pie!

My dad painting, he’s the wild rebellious sort, hence the backwards hat:

Many of the afternoon/evening workers, enjoying a good meal thanks to Lisa, Rick, and Sarah who showed up just when I was too tired to make dinner.  Here I’m realizing I forgot to take many working pictures, rather, our pictures give evidence to (despite what we were worried it would be) the day really was full of food, fun, and friends:

The grateful masters of the house.  Kabyn is smiling on a Saturday house work day–evidence to all the good help we received.  Baby is kicking happily that her house is getting ship-shape before her arrival, though you can’t quite see it in the picture.

Thanks to all who helped today… and thanks to Liam, who is still helping as I sit and type this at 9:30pm.

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