A Week in St. Louis, A Week in Seattle

So this last week Kabyn went to St. Louis for a class at Covenant Seminary and I stayed behind in the ever-glamorous city of Seattle.  While I was here, however, I indulged in lots of nesting, with help from some great friends.  The room is much improved from the last nesting posting, highlighted with some blue lights Hilary creatively added after she utilized her Feng Shui baby room arrangement skills:

To the left of the bassinette is this rocking chair, which has been around the Smith house for I don’t know how long before it came here:

On the chair you’ll see an old musical bear of Kabyn’s, which mother-in-law Mae carefully kept all these years, and cuddled up next to the bear is an old musical cat of mine, which actually also belonged to my mother.  It must be noted that both the bear and the cat still play their original songs beautifully–however, the two sound terrible together.  I thought it would be cute to play them together for Kabyn, but it wasn’t cute.  It sounded like what you might expect if a bear and cat tried to sing together.  I like to think Kabyn and I sound better when singing together, but I think the bear-cat arrangement isn’t too far off.

Meanwhile, Kabyn was getting his week going in St. Louis.  He started his first day, Sunday, with a visit to Central Presbyterian Church, then was off to see the Cardinals, who won with a grand slam in the bottom of the ninth.  Already St. Louis had something on Seattle…

Then he was off to class for the week:

He loved the class and the classmates.  He also kept mentioning to me how incredibly green it was when he had expected a barren, ugly sort of terrain:

Next door to the seminary was an apartment building that currently houses 41 families, 43 singles, and–this was the part that got his attention and surprise–85 kids!  Here’s the playground where the 85 kids play:

Kabyn got a little time to tour around the weekend after class finished, and much to my delight he did find a statue of St. Louis himself.  The disappointing part was that actually St. Louis wasn’t really that impressive of a guy.

Another statue showed up at the nearby Concordia University.  A gold star for you if you can guess who it is, unless you’re my dad, who had just better get this one right.

The second Sunday Kabyn headed to New City Fellowship and enjoyed that a great deal.  He also got to see the zoo over his second weekend–which is free there!  He saw a number of animals he had never seen before… perhaps soon-to-be-Aunt Michelle who lives a skip and a jump from the Serengeti can help us identify them?  The first one is just one of the ugliest animals I’ve ever seen.

This one has the body of a horse and the face of a giraffe:

Finally, some pretty in pink flamingos:

Now we’re both back safe and sound in Seattle.  Speaking of pink, I’m still nesting, and tonight finally got an outfit made for baby girl that I dreamt about her in months ago.  This dream convinced me that it was a girl far before we officially knew–I was holding her in a fluffy pink warm suit like this, and she, Kabyn, and I were looking around some kind of house with light yellow walls and no furniture.  The dream was a pleasant reprieve from all the crazy pregnancy dreams (this morning I thought Kabyn’s alarm was the baby’s cute dresses that I was arranging last night, all together and singing… most of the dreams are that weird but few are as cute and happy as these).  I couldn’t get the little pink suit out of my mind, so her it is, though it doesn’t yet have a zipper installed:

She can wear it over all her cute little summery dresses in the not so summery Seattle weather she’ll see in her first months of life.

That’s it from Seattle for the evening, where the women are strong, the men are good-looking, and the child seems to be doing somersaults at an above-average rate and strength.

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  1. Greg Smith says:

    Martin Luther, our favorite reformer.

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