Rainy Sunday

Well it’s raining again in Seattle.  Despite the downpour today, we enjoyed a sunny yesterday–Kabyn had a group of former roommates to dinner, who all lived in this house together a couple years ago.  Kabyn has had about 200 former roommates, so far as I can tell, but this particular group is: Kabyn, Russell, Raph, James, and Aaron.

While the boys talked, I enjoyed a lovely evening with Barby Allen (Mrs Aaron Allen, pictured above), and their adorable little baby Violet, here sleeping on our couch:

Barby answered many of my last-month questions on baby things, which was great.  Now I’m camped out on the couch, trying to stay awake for the afternoon, with a stack of baby books:  The Nursing Mother’s Companion, Your Pregnancy Week-by-Week, and Sleeping Through the Night.  Kabyn is downtown preaching at the Bread of Life Mission on the visit of the Magi to Jesus.  Generally I go with him for the monthly visit/speaking, but I just didn’t feel much like I could move off the couch.  No wonder, given how enormous I’m looking these days:

No more invisible baby in there, she’s definitely gone public. 

We had a great little extra breathing and relaxation class with Autumn Brown on Wednesday night, which helped us feel ready–and also made it seem very real and very soon!  36 and a half weeks down, 3 and a half weeks to go till the officially expected date.  I’m hoping to have two more scientific papers submitted to journals by then; we’ll see if that happens.  Next week I get trained to use our new ENDOR machine.  No, it’s not from the planet of Endor.  Kabyn is busy teaching himself Greek (he’s not the first of my relatives to do so, most of you can probably guess which Smith also did this).

And that’s it today from the rainy city.

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