…baby showering, that is, while it was rain showering outside in Olympia.  It may have been a dark and stormy August night, but it was bright and cheerful inside Karen Sullivan’s lovely home.  It was a gathering of about twenty women from my parents’ church (Calvary Chapel), and the most remarkable part (for me) was that I didn’t know all of them very well, and I hadn’t even met all of them.  Not only did most of these women spend an amazing amount of energy less than a year ago throwing us a fabulous wedding at their church building, they came with great joy to shower our little baby girl with gifts.  It was an amazing blessing~ especially because not only did we get lots adorable baby essentials, but we got no less than FOUR homemade blankets, a homemade baby bathrobe (I have a feeling she may feel it’s her princess robe someday), a homemade set of wooden blocks, and homemade baby socks.  It’s almost overwhelming to realize how many hours of work that represents!  I left feeling so blessed and grateful. 

Waking up this morning and thinking more about the evening, I realized that my baby shower was exactly what I’d want for my daughter to have someday–to be surrounded by women who loved her and her to-be-baby (yes, my to-be-grandbaby, I’m already thinking about that…).  The evening gave me perspective on community, fellowship, and what a church family is all about.  Many of the women came last night simply because they love my mom and my family, and may not know me very well.  Some women had known me since I was six years old, and represent secure, long-term fellowship in my life.  I want our daughter to be able to know Christ through His church in the same kind of way.  The evening made very tangible what is meant in the Gospel of John (13:34-35)  “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”

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One Response to Showering

  1. Mom Mae says:

    Hi Dear DIL!
    Marc told me about this entry in your blog and I finally sat down to read it – beautiful sentiment. My granddaughter is blessed to have such a wise Mommy.
    Love you,

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