The last pregnant post?

It could be, it could not be.  Only time will tell.

We’re doing well in our last days of quiet two-some.  Kabyn has been wonderful in doing laundry, getting stuff for dinner, and generally helping me be more comfortable (and prevent any labor-inducing activities as I try to get as much work done as I can pre-baby!).  We did an errand run together for last minute baby essentials, which was fun, as for Kabyn to do errands that involve large, chain-owned, fluorescently lit stores really is a huge act of love.  I can’t hardly sleep many nights, but I figure that’s good practice for the coming weeks. 

I had this idea I would post verses from the Bible that have labor/labor pain in them, as some sort of profound insight, but I’ll just put the link to a bunch and not bother posting them.  They’re kind of depressing, the comparisons are generally to judgment, regret, despair, the end of the world, or the death of Christ (as in the John 16 post from last time).  I guess I’ll give my insights on them in a few weeks…

Other than that, I’m definitely looking and feeling pregnant now.

That’s the latest belly shots, and perhaps the last.  I’m not sending any post-partum belly pictures…!  Who knows what pictures will be posted next… you just have to stay tuned.

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