Alaythia’s First Few Days at Home

Alaythia ventured home to Greenwood after a lovely stay at the UW hospital bed and breakfast.  We enjoyed having food brought to us from the cafeteria and not having much of anything to do except stare at our beautiful little girl, though we were ready to go home by the second day. 

Not long after returning home, we decided to take Grandma Mae up on her offer to come spend the night.  The evening began with the First Bath, which she enjoyed more than it seems in this picture:

Daddy bathed her carefully and she was quiet and thoughtful through the whole affair, enjoying the new sensations, and dreaming of her future swimming plans.  We won’t pretend anyone got much sleep that night, least of all Mommy and Grandma.

Auntie Misha came to visit on Friday, and cooked up a delicious pile of food for the weekend for Alaythia’s very grateful and very hungry and tired parents.  Here Auntie M is “shelling” green beans:

All the help allowed us to enjoy our First Walk:

We made it to 90th and 1st (keep in mind we live at 95th and 3rd) before it was time for a long snack.  Then we were tired and came home. 

Mommy was able to get a nap in while Alaythia had her first Greek lessons with Daddy.  (ἀλήθεια, or Aletheia, means “truth” in Koine Greek, or the ancient common Greek Jesus spoke.  We “Americanized” the spelling to Alaythia). 

Fortunately Mommy took that 3 hour nap, as 2-4 hours of sleep was all she got in each 24 hours, starting the night before she was born up until last night–which thankfully had TWO 2-3 hour sections of sleep!  Mommy Alyssa is better with sleep deprivation than labor pain, as it turns out.  She’s spent lots of college and grad school time training for the fomer.

On Saturday “Auntie” Shirley came to visit and helped out around the house, and spend lots of time happily holding little Laythie.  Shirley was the videographer for the birth, so while Kabyn napped, Shirley and Alyssa watched clips of the birth scenes over and over (available at some point to some, by request).  Alyssa’s favorite part was watching what looks like her literally jump out after she’s about halfway out.  The legs extend and it really does look like she leaps out into the world.  Shirley took this picture:

Today was the First Trip to Church!  The passage was The Church at Philadelphia, and the sermon on Christ’s strength in our weakness.  Daddy Kabyn said Pastor Jonathon followed the words of John Calvin: “A pastor should preach faith, not doubt, and lead people to Christ’s sufficiency, not their own.”  Mommy Alyssa, having to acknowledge she was much weaker than she thought, not too many days before, appreciated the sermon–although from the “mommy room” while nursing above the sanctuary.  It was an almost surreal experience to suddenly be transported to that mommy world where women and babies nurse and listen to a sermon on speakers while watching from behind cry-proof glass.

Here we are:

Little Alaythia was, of course, the star of the day as everyone had to come admire her on her first trip to church.  And she may have set some sort of record, at least for Seattle 2008 babies, in the age of her first marriage proposal.  Another new dad, baby boy in front-pack, congratulated Kabyn and then said, “well… I guess the question is just: How many cows?”  Kabyn really loves beef so I think the number was quite high, though we’re going to wait and weigh out all the offers for a few decades before making a final decision… 🙂

Following church came the summer Sunday ritual of 2008: a walk around Greenlake and a lunch picnic.  Here she is with Daddy at Greenlake:

We, and she, LOVE the slings I made back in my nesting days.  She’s warm and cozy, it’s easy to pack, transport, transfer, AND Mommy Alyssa discovered that you can indeed nurse while walking around Greenlake!  Yes, indeed–just discreetly pull that sling up a bit, hold her with an arm underneath, and keep walking.  No one would ever know, the walk isn’t interrupted, and baby is incredibly happy.

She’s now passed out on my chest, worn out from all the excitement of the day.  Soon more friends arrive with dinner–an amazing blessing is the so many generous people who are bringing dinners in the last week and coming weeks.  We’re very grateful.

That’s it for the day!  Thanks for reading the latest on our little cutie.

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2 Responses to Alaythia’s First Few Days at Home

  1. I’m so impressed that you are out and about with Alaythia already!! God has gifted you with incredible energy and adaptability. I can tell you both are amazing parents…. I love the picture of Alyssa with Alaythia on her chest- so precious. Can’t wait to meet her next week. 🙂

  2. Sarah Hays says:

    Nursing in the sling will prove to be a very valuable skill! 🙂

    I would like to welcome you to mommy world. It’s pretty great, most of the time. 😉

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