13 Days Into the New Life

Well we are on day 13 of Kabyn and Alyssa, Chapter Two.  It seems unbelievable that two weeks ago today I was madly collecting data, editing a manuscript (we submitted it the same day Alaythia was born, yes it’s true), and writing mathematical algorithms to process data (which I probably couldn’t understand today).

Kabyn went back to work Tuesday, after taking a week off to be a huge help during our first days at home.  He rearranged Laythi’s room, bought me a supportive pillow to lean on during middle-of-the-night feeding, and a multitude of other projects.  He also fed me many times while I fed her, and this morning before leaving for work left me a plate with homemade banana bread (thank you, Auntie M!!) and strawberries (thanks to David Wang for those).  Sometimes I’m just sooooo hungry, but with little energy, time, and only hand the eating options get limited 🙂

Last week Aaron [former roommate of Kabyn’s, in this house], Barby, and baby Violet Allen came, and as Kabyn and Aaron held the babies, Kabyn remarked to Aaron, “well… did we ever think we’d be in the house holding our daughters?”  But indeed they were:

Less than two years, and Aaron and Kabyn went from bachelor roommates to exceptional dads of adorable little girls:

So far as my adjustment to the mommyhood life… my moods and adjustment can be traced well here:

We cycle through feeding, changing, fussing, rocking, sleeping, fussing, looking around, feeding feeding, and on and on each day.  We take about an outing a day on a good day, and try for a nap a day, as baby Laythi isn’t much for long periods of sleep.  None of this “we have to wake the baby to get her to eat” for us!  She’s doing well and got pronounced healthy and alert at her one-week Dr appointment.  No doubt about her alertness if you’d followed us through Trader Joe’s and the U. District on the way in and out of the appointment…

Turns out she was 7 pounds 1 ounce when she was born, unlike the 7-3 or 7-4 we’d been telling people.  She was down to 6-6 last Saturday, but is chubbing back up, and is 6-14 yesterday.  Her umbilical cord fell off last Wednesday, as she lost her little bit of connection to me and asserted her freedom with a tiny step 🙂

That’s the latest in the Vikesland Chronicles!

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