Grandparents Visiting

Alaythia’s week has had a few grandparent visits, a doctor’s appointment, and lots of diapers, meals, and naps.  Though not as much sleeping as supposedly the “average” two-week old does… seems she gets her sleeping habits from her mother.

She also did some pacifier sampling, as she’s gaining weight marvelously and would still love to suck, suck, suck all day long.  Granny Smith came Monday and Laythi had a lovely day, and sampled one pacifier successfully during a nap for the first time:

Grandma Mae came yesterday, and more pacifier sampling:

And yes, she does have so much hair that she gets bed-head, and needs both a hairbrush and baby shampoo!

It seems her favorite place to sleep is on Grandpa Marc’s shoulder.  Even when she started to wake up, she couldn’t quite do it:

But, after the grandparents left, she of course managed to wake up and do a little screaming.  Something about being with her parents and not her grandparents woke her right up:

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