Keeping Calm

It’s a little weird, I’ll admit, to go from analyzing EPR data at the UW for long days, or nights, and furiously writing a dissertation on nanosecond-scale motions in DNA, to taking care of someone who has a good share of my DNA.  I will say the sleep-deprivation of grad school has probably helped my transition to motherhood a bit.  All the 10- to 90-minute chunks of sleep do make your mind feel a little weird at times, but for the most part we’re getting by decently well.  The little lady Laythi is pretty fussy, and a good amount of my days and our evenings are spent trying to keep peace on the homefront:

Much to our relief, the big accomplishment of the week was Alaythia peacefully consuming her first bottles of pumped milk (hooray!  yes we can accept all those babysitting offers…)

The homemade slings definitely calm the fussiness, and allow me to actually have my hands to myself for a precious few minutes of the day:

That’s her sporting her modest-Mid-East look in her sling.  My handsome husband is currently assisting her in “flying” about the room, which seems to keep her calm and happy.  She just had a little burp so he quickly “flew” her over to the sink to spit-up in it.  I didn’t have time to get a picture as I was laughing too hard, so I’m telling you all about it.

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One Response to Keeping Calm

  1. jeremiah says:

    I think all babies everywhere like the flying game. 🙂

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