The Four Week Old Report

What’s life like when you’re four weeks old?  Well, it means you get a lot of attention from relatives, for one.  The Smith clan came to visit lately and we took this picture to try and see if she looks very Smith.  What do you think?

My mom took these cute pics:

Her “aunt” Shirley, who was actually the only friend/relative to observe her entry to the world came to visit as well, and did a masterful job helping Laythi feel quite happy indeed in this rather strange position:

We wanted to get a good little Vikesland family picture to see which of us she looks like (does ANYONE think she looks like her mom?!),

This picture, taken moments after, made me laugh:

In other excitement this week, Kabyn bravely climbed to the rooftops to paint the uppermost house trim.  Don’t ask him about it though, it was shall we say not his favorite day of late.  He was brave and worked hard.

Feeling bad Kabyn was working so hard all day, I decided I wouldn’t let a baby hold me back from finally “cleaning” our section of Piper’s Creek.  I like to rake and pull out all the stuff that grows in it periodically, which I had intended to do the day before I went into labor and still regret not doing.  So I strapped Laythia into the sling and went out with my rake and she took a nice nap while I dug away at the creek growings.  Here’s a picture of the creek [to the right in picture] before it got cleaned, and unfortunately I don’t have a picture of me digging away with a rake with baby strapped on (yes, I felt very African while doing so).

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2 Responses to The Four Week Old Report

  1. Elisabeth says:

    Alyssa, I do think Alaythia looks like you, especially in the second picture. It’s in the eyes – watch out boys!


  2. Hah.. funny that you said your last sentence, ’cause that was EXACTLY what I was thinking when you said you put her on your back in a sling!

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