Baby’s First Cardiologist… and Sleeping in the Bassinette!

So miss Laythia had her first cardiology appointment yesterday, something you hope your kid won’t have for about 70 more years, but was declared fine.  She had a strange sounding heart murmur but this doctor who is 82 and one of the last remaining cardiologist to diagnose with simply a stethoscope listened to her at Children’s and from listening was able to tell me all about the location, size, direction of blood flow, etc in her little hole in her heart.  He says it will be in the 50% that close on their own within a few months, so we’re praying that’s the case.  She loved visiting him as well as her doctor visit the day before (8 lbs 3 oz now), and I think she may want to be an M.D. someday.  She also had her first trip to the chemistry building at the UW and got admired by all my coworkers.  In one office of people I work with they had posted her baby picture!  Very cute.
The big news though is that the wee one slept in her own little bed from 9:30-2:30 last night!!!  She gets super tired ~9, so after she fell asleep I attempted the transfer, and did wake a little as I put her in the bed, but calmly and without a peep, went to sleep a couple minutes later!!!  hooray.  But of course, as soon as success was realized you can guess how I felt–yes, I missed her and felt sad at how fast she’d grown up.  I actually didn’t think it would ever happen, AND she set a record for longest sleep stretch.  And she’s never before slept more than ten minutes in her bed.  It could be thanks to a visit from Elisabeth and Jason the night before–Jason and Elisabeth were trying to practice all their Happiest Baby on the Block techniques on her, and it seems they worked.  Thanks much Haggards, come back any time.  🙂     
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One Response to Baby’s First Cardiologist… and Sleeping in the Bassinette!

  1. Jason says:

    See, I told you I know how to do the whole kid thing. I should start charging good money for this service. Make your checks payable to “THE BABY WHISPERER, INC.” Attn: Jason Haggard

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