To Grandmother’s House We Go…


Over the bridges and on I-5, to grandmother’s house we go!  Or grandparents’ houses at any rate.  This week we went to the Fulmer house on Sunday to introduce Alaythia to her great aunt and uncle and a great-grandmother, then went to Olympia for three days so I could work.  One more thesis chapter draft DONE!  Amazing how motivated I can be once I get a baby-free span of time, I’m not sure I’ve ever worked so quickly… not that it was great, but my boss says a “thesis is your worst piece of writing,” so I hope he feels that’s okay when he reads mine. 

So we are very grateful to have grandparents willing and able to help nearby.  Alaythia Esther is doing great, and is at this lovely age of being portable and adorable.  Ooops, she now awakes from her morning nap!  Must go.

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2 Responses to To Grandmother’s House We Go…

  1. Stephenny Stiles says:

    that’s such an Alyssa face.. love it!

  2. Sarah Hays says:

    Hooray for Grandmas!!

    Love the picture.

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