My Friend Elisabeth

Elisabeth is my expert blogger friend–she’s a great writer, a beautiful thinker, and willing to be open and honest, which makes for good blogging.  So expert that she blogged about me recently, so I thought I’d return the favor.  Here she is, the eve of the New Year 2007.


I’ll assume you can figure out which one she is, looking terrific as always.  I’ll assume you can also figure out which one is Jason (i.e. not Kabyn and not me). 

Elisabeth, as it has turned out, is my friend who just IS in the same phase of life I am.  Let me explain.

In this picture you need to understand that we are all in that sort of blissful but ever so emotional and up-and-down phase of life known as dating.  In fact, Jason wrote about that evening and the lead-up here.  We look all smiling and happy and normal (except Jason, who rarely looks exactly what one might call “normal” in pictures).  In real life, behind our shining smiles, we’re all wondering just what we think of this person next to us.  I know, because Elisabeth and I would talk about it back then, and try to figure out these very strange men who had landed in our lives.

Somehow we all braved it through that awkward and traumatic and exciting phase of life, and not soon after got engaged (us = February 24, them = I *think* April 6 but I could be way off).  Ah, enter the delightful world of being engaged.  Yeah right.  For those of you who have never been engaged and assume it’s like that, yeah right.  Engagement is like purgatory, just hanging out in mid-space and mid-time.  Elisabeth and I actually lived together for the Summer of 2007, and despite both of us planning weddings, trying to survive engagement with our rings on, and just living life, it actually was really fun, peaceful, and relaxing during a not-relaxing phase of life.  Here special thanks are due Sally, our other lovely roommate during that summer.  She deserves an extra star in her crown for putting up with all the wedding madness that summer.

We all survived engagement and got married (us = September 1, them = October 6).  We spent a few dinners together and such, talking about married life.  And then–we got pregnant.  By we I don’t mean me and Kabyn, he doesn’t believe in this “we” pregnant stuff; women get pregnant, not men.  By we I mean Elisabeth and I.  And now?  Here is Alaythia, sitting on Baby H:


I had this dream of that picture looking like Alaythia sitting on a beach ball, but Elisabeth isn’t that huge and Alaythia wasn’t cooperating.  I thought it would be some sort of silly and embarrassing picture that someday we could tease Alaythia and Baby H with someday, but alas, it’s hard to even see Baby H in the picture.  Thanks anyhow to Elisabeth for letting me take this when she is 39 weeks pregnant (she really could be one of those pregnant-model women), before she took care of Alaythia for a few hours so I could get some work done.

And since she blogged about it and EVERYone desperately wants to know what on earth it is I do, here is a [yet unedited] paragraph I wrote during Alaythia’s time with Elisabeth as a summary of my thesis chapters:

The study of spin-lattice relaxation is a unifying characteristic of the work presented in this body of research.  The correlation of R1e with CW-EPR methods of measuring motion is presented in Chapter 2.  In Chapter 3, theory is developed for integrating internal motion of DNA into a rigid-rod theory for R1e.  In Chapter 4, pSR solvent accessibility techniques are used to determine the orientation of the p47phox PX domain protein on a lipid membrane.  These solvent accessibility techniques are extended to a novel application in Chapter 5:  observing the binding of peptides to a critical binding site on the HIV-1 RNA.  In Chapter 6, R1e rates are determined by a combination of CW-EPR techniques, for an electron in a ZnO quantum dot.


[Note:  If that paragraph has utterly captured your interest, you are more than welcome to read the hundreds of pages of my thesis when it’s done.  I’m just going to have to trust that none of you, not even Elisabeth and all her creative writing, are going to steal any of the ideas in my paragraph for your own writing…]

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