Alaythia Goes Back to Work

Yes, Alaythia’s maternity leave is over now.  It was time to head back to the lab this week, to finish some experiments for a thesis chapter.  So, we packed up a stroller-full of baby things and headed to the UW.  Tuesday we parked at Dorothy’s, then walked with Dorothy and Ellie Rose to the lab in the pouring rain.

Here is Alaythia, Ellie, and Dorothy:


Back in their nine months of swimming, Ellie and Alaythia spent lots of time together in the lab, but this was their first trip back together.

Here’s Alaythia soon after arriving, checking out the magnet to see how it’s fared in the last two months:


Notice the rain, still all over the handle.  Turns out a plastic-covered diaper changing pad makes for a great waterproof blanket to go over the baby and blanket in the stroller.

Alaythia greeted Jim Gladden (who had a significant role in building the EPR machine in the previous picture), and Greg Olsen (who made the samples we were there to test).  Here she is staring at Greg.


Alaythia also said ‘hi’ to my boss, Bruce, although she couldn’t understand all of his thoughts on magnetic resonance. 


It’s definitely an adventure to travel to the UW, set up experiments, feed a baby, change a baby, process data, talk with scientists, figure out how to get baby to sleep, tune an EPR machine with one hand while feeding a baby… 

Alaythia loves all the people, humming instruments, and especially the fluorescent lights, and we’ve found a nice baby play/changing mat-sized piece of styrofoam and a few other such conveniences.  She and I have definitely gotten lots of looks, smiles, and stares when we go out into the hallway with all the undergrads and chemistry department employees milling about.  The next two weeks or so will have lots more trips to the lab as we focus on finishing up experiments–likely there will be more stories of adventures at the UW to come!

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