Our First Christmas Tree Hunt

And by “our” first, I mean mine and Kabyn’s!  But it was also, of course, Alaythia’s first tree.  Here we are returning (she’s in the Baby Bjorn on me) from our “hunt” at the neighborhood tree stand:


Apparently she was so cute in her little pink fluffy suit that they gave us $3 off.  Who knows if they find a reason to give everyone the “special deal” or if we were really were special. 

Then we headed to Fred Meyer and debated at length over the light choices, both for the tree and the front fence.  Kabyn does not like multi-colored, twinkling lights, but he thought Alaythia would enjoy that the most, so with great fatherly love bought a strand of twinkling, multi-colored lights for our little tree.  She took a nap while he strung the lights and I hung my childhood ornaments, and when she got up to see the sparkling lights (it was dark outside–perfect!) she was indeed mesmerized.  Her big blue eyes got enormous as she just stared at the sparkling tree.

Here is Alaythia this morning with “her” tree:


Thanks to Matt, Adelle, and Owen Grant for the adorable sweater and bonnet–those with her yellow dress got her a great deal of smiles at church this morning.

This week she and I are off to the lab again!  Hopefully that goes well… productive for me, exciting for her, and hopefully a limited amount of crying and disruption to her schedule.

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2 Responses to Our First Christmas Tree Hunt

  1. mary mceathron says:

    I am SO relieved to read that Alaythia’s first Christmas tree hunt wasn’t as adventuresome as YOURS! I’m sure you know that story very well… :o) Merry Christmas Season!

  2. Richard Harleman says:

    wow! she is beautiful! and you’re right, the sweater/yellow dress really adds to the picture. thanks for posting on here, i’m glad there’s a good way to keep up with you guys.


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