Alaythia’s First Christmas

Christmas began with a big extended family party, and it turned out one person who was there as not a part of the family will be a part of the family soon!  See if you can pick out the new face…


Yes–Auntie M got engaged a few days ago!!  So that’s the big Christmas news.  Andrew Sandeen is his name; no date yet for the wedding, as she is now back in Tanzania.  Yes.  And he is in Montesano, WA.  We’re excited to welcome him to the family, he was fun to hang out with over Christmas and a good addition to the craziness. 

Back to the report…

Next was a trip to see Great-Grandpa Ike Smith, over in snowy snowy Walla Walla.  Alaythia bravely went over the pass for many hours of carseat travel (NOT her favorite but she was as good as she could manage).  We had a wonderful time seeing Great-Grandpa and it was really special to him to meet her.  Here’s four generations of Smith genes:


We had a lovely stay with Dixie Ferguson, a new friend of ours and an old friend of Grandpa’s.

Then Christmas continued in Olympia, which was quite the affair.  Here are the ever-photogenic Aunt Hilary and Uncle KC with the baby:


It was a lovely White Christmas (this is the porch):


Then came Alaythia’s baptism.  Her godparents and godsisters Johnson generously let her use their beautiful dedication gown for the big day:


From there we headed to Arlington to see the Fulmer family.  I got a lot of work done, Kabyn watched football and worked, and the baby had a blast laughing like crazy at her funny Fulmer grandparents. 

That’s about it… the Vikeslands proceeded to go to bed at 9:30pm on New Year’s Eve, and are pretty busy the next few months.  Tonight Ian Haggard is coming over while his parents go out, so Alaythia has to go get her pretty dress and shoes on for her “date”.  Pictures forthcoming if I can manage…

Starting next Monday I am TAing a Physical Chemistry for Biochemists (how is that different than normal Physical Chemistry I know not), which entails grading 117 homework sets twice a week, two office hours a week (may they not ask any hard questions!!), three exams over the quarter, a thesis to finish writing by January 23rd, a final dissertation defense to prepare and present February 13th, and a thesis to finish tidying up into UW Graduate School approved form by the end of the quarter.  Needless to say, you probably won’t get many of these updates for a while!  Pray for all of us!

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