A Post by Alaythia Esther


My mom is too busy writing her thesis to post anything, so I had to write it.  This is me showing off my new skills.  I can do baby-pushups now.  I also love to talk to anyone who will listen to me; I speak a tonal language Daddy says, you can tell because of all my fake coughs and strange grunts mixed in.  I love to swing in the Baby Papasan Swing and watch the little birds go around the mirror on the top of it.  We’re borrowing it from friends who might be having a baby RIGHT THIS SECOND!  Pretty exciting.  A new friend for me!

Speaking of the swing and my friends, my little friend Ian came over the other night, and he went in “my” swing.  I stared at him for a long time, and grabbed on to Mommy.  I didn’t like it.  My parents wanted us to be friends, but how I can I be friends with a little baby that Mommy fed a bottle and talked to like she talks to me?  I tried to play with him a little bit the next time we saw each other, but actually I hit his arm because I was secretly still mad about the swing and bottle.  He ignored me through all of it, so I didn’t feel so bad.  Next time I see I’m going to try and be a little nicer, it was just so startling to see him in MY swing with MY mommy and MY daddy!!  Daddy talked to me and kept saying words like “share”.  But he said he still loved me AND baby Ian, so that was good.  And I think I’m looking forward to seeing baby Ian again, now that I’m learning about sharing. 

Mommy spends all of her time doing important things on the computer while I sleep, but sometimes while I play with my toys, too.  I squeal and laugh as loud as I possible can to make sure she plays plenty of attention to me even if she’s busy.  She says she has tons to do but will have to be done soon one way or another.  I’m glad, I hate that laptop being on her lap when I should be on her lap!  To ensure I get plenty of attention I make sure I say “hi” to her and have a snack every two hours all night long.  She says once her thesis is done I can’t do that any more, and I might even have to go to my crib and stay there at night.  I don’t like that idea; my crib looks like a jail cell, I think.

Daddy is still studying Greek sometimes at night.  It looks very strange, all those weird letters.  Actually it looks a lot like Mommy’s work

I have had a lot of fun going back to the UW with Mommy this quarter.  She has office hours twice a week for an hour, so I sit on her lap and help the thermodynamics students.  During every office hour so far I decided I would provide extra entertainment by loud explosions in my diaper during the office hour. 

I still can’t sit, roll over, or do those things that are coming soon for me, but I can practically walk when Mommy or Daddy holds me, my legs are so strong!  And I’m getting big.  I’ve been watching Mommy do Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred when she does it for a break from work, and she sweats a lot, even though I kick and lift my legs all the time and it’s easy!  Mommy says if she tried to do all of what I do for an hour when I’m awake she’d be exhausted after. 

I am starting to like toys!  Bibi (“grandma” in Swahili) taught me how to pick up some of my toys, which was terribly exciting.  I love to be on the kitchen counter when Mommy is in the kitchen.  If she’s not looking I grab onto the bananas.  She started laughing really hard and said I was “making out with the bananas”.  Whatever that means.  I just grabbed them and put the ends of them in my mouth with all my might.  I kind of do that with anything that comes near me, actually.

That’s all I can think of to say for today.  Here is another cute picture of me:


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