Alyssa and Alaythia Turn in a Dissertation

Yes, we did.  Mixed elation and nervousness.  213 pages sitting now in the hands of three professors.  gulp.  So you can follow the drama, the Reading and Supervisory Committee is:

Bruce Robinson (my advisor, the chair, if you click the Chem 452 class you’ll see what I TA)

J. Michael (Mickey) Schurr, who is ~70 years old and runs up and down Mt Si on a regular basis

Daniel Gamelin

So in there hands now lies my destiny… now they tear apart my dissertation.  Feb 13th they hear my talk, then they have it for a free for all oral exam.  The chief bailout plan on these is to make sure professors get worked up at each other, not you!

Since Alaythia has been so helpful with all the writing I’ve been doing, she wanted to present her own dissertation.  Here it is, for all to read:

fcfdgbnkoitsehcf bbbbbbbbbbt  ty mnnnni hncfv b,kjmfr  bt n y  bb  nujkmnjhujnhv4fcdfgtrfhjhukkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmftbvv d dvc

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