The Latest News from Alaythia


Hi everyone!  This is me in my toy exersaucer.  Sometimes I play here while mom works.  I weigh 13 pounds and 9 ounces now!  My favorite new thing is to drink water from Mom’s glass, I love how sparkly it is.  Mommy and I are going to buy me some rice cereal to try!  We do fun things while I’m awake, then she goes back to working.  Two more weeks!!  I’m currently talking to the birds on the top of my cradle swing.  I love to talk, and I really love to squeal!  I also think it’s really fun to see all my baby friends, whenever we manage to see them: usually it’s Ezra, Elijah, Ian, or Ellie.  I think some of them will even come to Mommy’s defense!  We’re definitely going to set some sort of record for number of babies in attendance at a chemistry department PhD defense… I can hardly wait.  I’m busy practicing my talk, although Mommy says if I start giving it I have to leave the room. 

Time to go, Mommy needs to use the computer to work on her talk some more.  Back to talking to my bird friends, Mommy, my toys, everyone and everything… and maybe working more on my standing:


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