My Mom and Dad

So having been myself so well celebrated and supported and loved lately, I’m going to do a small series of posts celebrating some of the many people who helped me on my PhD (and life in general) journey.

I should start with my parents because, well, that’s where I started.  I’ll apologize in advance for no pictures, but I’m going to post pictures of them tomorrow from my computer as I’m Kabyn’s computer now.  To get my computer means risking waking the baby and nobody wants that sort of risk unnecessarily…

Here are some of the extraordinary things about my mom:

~ let’s start at the beginning here: I now have a new appreciation for the fact she had no anesthesia when she had me.  wow.  way to go, Mom, especially since I came out about like Alaythia did…. in one long, slow, painful day or two!  My mom did get something that made her say the contractions were half an hour apart towards the end, but that wasn’t anesthesia….

~ she is the most organized person I’ve ever met.  Perhaps that any of you have ever met.  Most of you were at our wedding (I think?  who reads this anyhow?), and she pretty much single-handedly pulled off the directing of that, and let me tell you it cost a fraction of what it looked like it cost.

~ she’s extraordinarily clean.  I hope to use some of this cleaning expertise and wisdom that she spent years carefully training me in, now that I have time to think about whether my house is TRULY Mom-Clean, or if I’m just actually doing damage control.

~ she did a great job homeschooling us!  They say a mark of a good teacher is if your students surpass you… 😉   But of course in many ways Michelle and I could never surpass her.

~ she’s an incredible cook.  And then just when she truly mastered non-vegan cooking, she reinvented herself as a vegan cook, and carefully translated all the favorite recipes and some new ones into vegan.

~ she’s a great grandmother!  I mean good grandmother—Alaythia doesn’t have any children yet.  🙂    I think Alaythia might like her better than me sometimes.  My mom keeps Alaythia’s wardrobe stocked with pink things for two granddaughter’s worth… no pressure Hilary and Michelle, but that could be on purpose…

Now for my dad, who in many ways is responsible for inspiring me to get a PhD.  Not only does he have a couple of his own advanced degrees that I saw his study away for in my early years, he was continually teaching when I was young.  He would often announce it was time for “pancake homeschool”, “dirt leveling homeschool”, “strawberry picking homeschool”, “lawn mowing homeschool”… wait a second.  This is starting to sound suspicious… 🙂    Now it is true, my dad has taught me the fine art of cleverly getting people to feel grateful for working, but he also is great at making dull things fun, learning new things amidst mundane life, and making learning a continual part of life.  And now that I’ve been in school for 24 years, his teaching me how to learn continually has become my lifestyle.  Dad read lots of books out loud to us and gave me a love of books, although I don’t recall him mixing any quantum mechanics versions into the bunch.  But Dad (like Kabyn) has a deep love of old dead male authors, which definitely applies to many seminal texts in magnetic resonance literature.  Although in some ways the chemistry life hasn’t had a whole lot in common with my parents’ interests or pursuits, my dad’s ability with people taught me many things.  I think the way I have observed the gift he has of befriending just about anyone who crosses his path and making them feel that indeed, they are a unique and valuable creation of the most high God has been the most valuable lesson I have learned from him.

Thanks, Mom and Dad!


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