6 Months!


There she is, our little cutie, looking as adorable as always.  She’s 6 months old today!  Her half-birthday present to us (and, I think, ours to her) was SLEEP!!!  Hooray.  All the sudden on Friday I could barely move due to a back injury, mostly from nursing her every hour or two lately, and I was just done.  I hadn’t felt resentful for 6 months of this, but suddenly I was just done being woken up by her.  So, I researched the sleep training, read Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child, talked to a number of wise mom friends, and we went for it.  She went to bed finally at 9, woke up at 1 and cried for an hour (yes, I did go calm her briefly at the half hour mark), and then slept till I woke her up at 7:30am!!  She then napped half the day and was noticeably calm and quiet and tired.  Last night she fell asleep in Kabyn’s lap (NOT the norm, usually she’s hyper and excited) at 6:30pm, I fed her at 8pm, and she slept till 4:15am when I heard her cooing and singing in her crib!  I fed her and put her right back to bed as I didn’t want her to think 4:15am was wakeup time…!  She then woke up singing happily at 8am.  She beamed me a smile as I went in to get her, saying “happy six months of me, mom!”  and a happy day it is, indeed.  Though I realized I may need to cry it out for a few nights or something… I woke up every 2-3 hours and couldn’t get back to sleep 🙂    So, it’s only two nights, but the best set of two nights she’s had her whole life.  And I will note we were camped out in the living room, with earplugs, so while we only heard the big one hour cry, there could have been other brief, quieter ones—though I hear once you get past The Big Cry it all gets better from there.  Side note, don’t use the orange earplus that look like beehives… one of MY every 2-3 hour awakenings I woke up, pulled them out to listen, and could only hear out of one ear.  Yep, a piece of earplug got STUCK.  Really stuck.  So there I was, on my couch with my poor messed up back, unable to hear out of one ear, unable to sleep, while my sweet baby slept the night away.  Back to her…

Powered by all the sleep, Alaythia suddenly can sit up pretty much on her own!  She was energetically grabbing for toys this morning, talking to them, her cheerful, silly, social self.  She talks nearly incessantly at times (where does she get it?!), and definitely has a mind of her own—she knows what she likes, wants, doesn’t want, who she likes and doesn’t like.  We also have no idea where she got such an assertive personality.  She loves to be silly with Kabyn and will laugh hysterically when he plays with her, she loves to stand in her Exersaucer and energetically play with all the toys on it.  She’s very serious about her play—she intensely studies all the toys, studiously putting them in her mouth, looking at them, turning them around, then back into the mouth.  She’s definitely not going to be an early crawler, though she’s incredibly strong (strong yet uncoordinated… poor girl, more genetics!).  She can wear some 3 month onesies still, although she wears 9 or 12 month footie pajamas her legs are so long!  Seems the Greg Smith genes are beating out the Mae Fulmer genes on that one.  She will play happily on her own for quite a while, and always has, so long as I stay in the room.  I let her self-entertain as long as she’s up for it.  She thinks her pacifiers are the best toy ever (she had retrieved one on her own last night and was singing to it at 4:15am), but she doesn’t really have a huge fixation on sucking on it in the “normal” way.  Her favorite thing?  Drinking water, from a glass.  I’ll post a video soon if I can figure it out—though she is so used to having pictures taken of her, the second you get out a camera she beams the camera a smile, completely stopping what’s she doing.  So it’s a little hard to catch “active shots” of anything.

She’s social, though sometimes a little shy and leery of strangers, particularly men.  She has a bit of a mommy-attachment at times, though she has a few other favorite folk—Daddy, of course, who she smiles the biggest for, and her grandparents, Auntie Hilary, “Aunties” Shirley and Dorothy, and she’s definately appreciating other babies.  She loves to look at them, touch them if she gets close enough, and seems to be sort of sad and worried if they’re crying.

Here she is with her friend Shirley, our dear friend who has not only been a wonderful friend to me for years, has been a great help often with Laythia baby:


(are they reminiscing about the day Alaythia came into the world?  possibly… only Shirley saw it!)

Here we are with Dorothy and Ellie (notice Alaythia can’t keep her hands to herself with a friend so near!)



Here she is with her friend Violet Allen:



And with her friend Ian Haggard (does her daddy know they were snuggling so cuddly on the couch?!)



Byebye and thanks for reading!


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