The Very Vikesland Quiz

How well do you know us?  Time to sharpen those number 2 pencils and find out.  Write your answers down as you go, then check them at the end.  Post a comment with your score, prize for the winner!

1.  At Alyssa’s last pregnancy Dr appt, who weighed more?  (correct answer worth two points)

a. Kabyn

b. Alyssa

c. equal


2.  Which of the breakfast items listed does either Kabyn or Alyssa have a special preference for?  Match the items to either Kabyn or Alyssa (all items on list used only once, on point per correct match)

Multigrain Cheerios, Peet’s Coffee, Leftover pizza, Turkey ham slices, Starbucks’ scones


3.  Match the house project chore to the person who is most likely to choose to do it/has done it recently:  either Kabyn, Alyssa, or “found someone else to do it” (same format as #2)

Selecting and planting flowers in window boxes, painting of any kind, cleaning oven, fixing plumbing, shampooing carpets, organizing garage


4.  Choose the correct set of numbers of how many legal middle names: Alyssa had at birth, Alyssa has now, Kabyn had at birth, Kabyn has now.  (correct answer worth two points)

a. 1, 1, 1, 1

b. 1, 2, 2, 3

c. 1, 2, 2, 1

d. 1, 3, 1, 3


5.  Who currently refuses to drink even one taste of infant formula?  (correct answer worth two points)

a.  Kabyn

b.  Alyssa

c.  Alaythia


6.  Back to breakfast items: What food item did Alyssa make for Kabyn while they were dating, and he ate for breakfast over the next week?  (correct answer worth two points)

a.  Lentil soup

b.  Fried rice

c.  Flaxseed and prune muffins

d.  Garlic mashed potatoes


7.  Which of the following TV shows do Kabyn and Alyssa (and yes, Alaythia too) currently enjoy watching together on a regular basis?  Pick as many items from the list as you think are true. (one point per right answer)

ER, 60 Minutes, The Simpsons, The Office, CSI, 30 Rock


Okay, now to find out how you did! 

1.  c, equal.  within a pound, we think.

2.  Multigrain Cheerios–Alyssa, Peet’s Coffee–Kabyn, Leftover pizza–Kabyn, Turkey ham slices–Kabyn, Starbucks’ scones–Alyssa

3.  Selecting and planting flowers in window boxes–Kabyn, painting of any kind–Alyssa, cleaning oven–someone else!  thanks Corinne!, fixing plumbing–Alyssa, shampooing carpets–Kabyn, organizing garage–Kabyn

4.  c. 1,2,2,1

5.  b. Alyssa.  Have you smelled that stuff?!

6.  a. Lentil soup

7.  60 Minutes, The Simpsons, The Office

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2 Responses to The Very Vikesland Quiz

  1. Michelle says:

    I got 11 points.

    I thought Alyssa weighed more than Kabyn, sorry.

    I cleaned up on the breakfast choices, except for the Peet’s Coffee – I said that one was Alyssa.

    I missed cleaning the oven (I guessed Kabyn) and fixing the plumbing (I guessed getting someone else to do it). I know Alyssa is the painter in that relationship – she got all the painting genes from our father the expert painter who doesn’t even need a ladder or dropcloth!

    I got the middle names right. And let me tell you, that takes some good intelligence and tracking with the changes!

    I thought it was Alaythia who wouldn’t drink the formula.

    I thought she’d made him flaxseed and prune muffins. It sounded like something she’d do.

    I got Simpsons and Office right, but missed 60 Minutes.

  2. alyssaswim says:

    ooooh this is very competitive. Mom ahead at 13, then Marc and Michelle at 11.

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