Selling the Farm

Yep, as my dad says, we’re selling the farm.  Our lovely Cottage-like Greenwood Area Home could be yours.  Or your friend’s.  Or a stranger you hear about that might want to buy a house that has a real live creek running through the side of the wonderful backyard.

So, we’ve been incredibly busy.  Again.  Someday I dream of posting that we are a little bored and haven’t been up to much… but that may just be a dream.  The day after I officially, finally, got my PhD done we put the house on the market, which means at least all our work on it is mostly done—except for living in a state of pristine clean and tidiness, which is not straightforward with me, three men, and a baby in the house.  The upside is it’s actually getting us out doing fun things; a number of generous friends and family have let us land at their houses lately while our house is being shown.  And being shown has it ever… this is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Greenwood, it would seem. 

For those of you who have been wondering if Alyssa is now calmly keeping house and playing with the baby, it’s more that she’s in a frenzy keeping house, racing around with the baby but trying to enjoy the many fun play moments, keeping two new part time jobs, and trying on occasion to get some sleep.  Alaythia is delightful these days, despite all the disruption in her popular home, so we’re having a ton of fun playing with her and seeing her personality and skills develop more each day.  She’s very focused and coordinated with her toys, and can keep herself studiously entertained for a long time.  She’s preparing for grad school, maybe?  Here’s a few pics:





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One Response to Selling the Farm

  1. steph says:

    So cute!

    Good luck with the house, let us know if you decide to rent!! And, Alyssa your hair looks so fabulous 🙂 Love you all.

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