Seven Months


The little miss Alaythia Esther was seven months old last week!  I’m a little late on posting on the “birthday” but alas, our house is still the hottest tourist destination in Greenwood so it’s hard to get much done.  This is her modeling her Easter dress, all fresh and clean for Easter Sunday at Bibi and Babu’s church in Olympia.  She was definitely celebrating Jesus’s resurrection in high style.  Andrew Sandeen, her uncle-to-be, joined us for Easter dinner and graciously let her help herself to his plate of vegan goodness:


The last month we’ve seen yet more of Alaythia’s bubbly little personality; she’s cheerful, assertive, determined, personable, and also has quite the sense of humor.  The most notably displays were when her little friend Ellie Echodu was attempting to learn to suck on a pacifier, and every time the pacifier dropped, Alaythia unexpectedly burst into hysterical laughter.  After a little while I had to get her to stop because Ellie was starting to feel insulted… but then Dorothy, Ellie’s mom, put the pacifier in her own mouth and spit it out at intervals, again to the amusement of my silly little girl.  I wish I would have filmed it, but it was so unexpected there was no time to do anything but laugh myself.  Her other more unexpected outburst of amusement was when Richard Harleman came by to see us (pictured here, singing a little surprise Johnny Cash at our wedding reception).


Now Richard is a funny guy, as all of you who know him can testify.  But for Alaythia, it’s not exactly new to have someone be silly and talk to her in baby talk–but for whatever reason, she thought when Richard did so it was the funniest thing she had ever seen (or heard).   We couldn’t really figure out why exactly he was so funny to her, but, she just seems to know humor when she sees it.  She laughs often at us–silly faces, playing with her feet, tickling, peekaboo of all sorts (you can put a cloth over your face or her face and she’ll put it off and start laughing).  She’s very energetic and studious about playing with her toys, and is quite determined to get a toy once she sets her sights on it.  She isn’t crawling, though she can sit and then sort of tip herself and pull herself a little bit.  She’s oh so delighted when she happens upon what she set out for!  She wants to grab and play with anything she can reach, notably her own diapers and my cell phone.  The latter caused her first tantrum-like-event the other day: she happened upon my phone, and when I took it away from her she let me know she did not find that acceptable.  Glimmers of her toddler days show up more each day… 

She loves people, and tries hard to get her little baby friends to interact with her.  She loves hanging out with Ellie, who is also very interactive.  I’m not sure if it’s that all little girls are a lot more/earlier interactive with other little ones than are their male peers, or if that’s just how it worked out for the babies we know.  Alaythia is especially delighted with her little friend Elijah, who has brought his mom Kindra on many walks with us, but Elijah is usually dutifully studying his toys and diligently refusing to look upon the playful girl who desperately tries to get his attention.  Alaythia is dealing with the unrequited love as well as can be expected.  Will post some cute pictures of the two of them soon…

Our little sleepless wonder did do well with her sleep training I posted about at month six, but unfortunately her sleepless wonder mother did less well, and I couldn’t seem to keep up enough milk with her sleeping through the night.  Given that she still doesn’t find a bottle an acceptable means of feeding and that I was having some health complications that nursing seemed to help, we’re back to feeding 1-3 times at night.  But, she’s in her own bed, can quickly go to sleep on her own with a pacifier, and so sleep training was a partial success. 

That’s about it for this month… I’m still busy working from home, which has been a huge blessing, and Kabyn is happy to be spending weekends evacuated from our house instead of working on the house.  We’ve had opportunities to visit with friends, go to parks, enjoy dinners out, travel to grandparents, and enjoy Spring in a lot more interesting ways than we would have had our house not been on the market.

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