Oh Mr. Bennet, Three Married Daughters!

And indeed it is.  Michelle got wedded this past weekend, to Mr. Andrew Sandeen (is he the most like Mr. Darcy?  He may be too sweet to be immediately thought of as Mr. Darcy… though his little sister’s touching toast revealed he is much Mr. Darcy indeed).  Mr. and Mrs. Bennet pulled off another grand wedding in Olympiatown.  Lots of great food, and Michelle was the most relaxed bride anyone had ever seen in their life–either because my mom had all details taken care of beautifully, or because when you live without power at unknown intervals you learn to just go with the flow.

In celebration of the event, Alaythia Esther almost crawled.  Tonight she put one knee in front of the other… twice.  So we think that is the first crawl, though it’s hard to know on that one.  You look away for a moment and she’s gone five feet, but doesn’t exactly crawl yet. 

We got Thai food tonight, and after they set a plate in front of me, she sweetly turned to the waitress and said a quick and clear “tang u”, which we were both shocked by, and seemed to be nothing other than her toothless version of Thank You.  The waitresses at Mr. and Mrs. Wok love her, and this in no way lowered her from the status of Baby Guest Who Can Make As Much Mess As She Wants.  Which of course she took full advantage of as she ate sweet basil chicken pieces and spicy beef and broccoli bits.  No bland food for that kid.

I haven’t updated this in ages, so I’ll let that be the news from Lake Wobegon (i.e. Piper’s Creek, yes, we still own our little piece of the creek), where the woman is strong but getting weaker every day, the man is good looking and always getting better looking, and the child is above average in talking and pincer grasp, though not most other areas, unless you talk to her doting grandmothers who claim she is in all ways superior to every other child to ever walk–er, sit on–the Earth.

A closing picture… all I have from wedding season for now is this shot of her with her new cousin-in-law, or something like that, Zeb.  This is moments before she sweetly and adorably reached out and knocked him flat over.  Poor kid is a third child who took it all in stride.  Yet again, she proves her knack for looking at the camera.


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