Heat in Seattle

What is this strange stuff… the stuff the rest of the country knows about?  We moan and groan about the rain all year, then we get some honest sun and heat and we moan and groan incessantly.  Maybe we just like to moan and groan here.

I’m not moaning and groaning much, however–I’m getting an unexpected little break from work (most of which is done on something called HEAT, html editing and authoring tool) this week.  So I’ve been jogging, cleaning, playing with the baby, hosting mommies and babies, and even cooking dinner. 

It’s good to be reminded how much I love getting out and running… it’s been a long, slow road back post-partum, between a lot of back troubles, a PhD to finish, wanting the baby to have good napping (not stroller-cat-napping that ruins a good nap in the crib, which ruins mom’s precious few hours to work), and those good old days of the madness of trying to sell a house and having to be prepared to tidy and race out on a moment’s notice.  My friend Annie’s blog posts (we swam together in college) have been inspiring, as well as Jason and Elisabeth’s  recent decision to be IN TRAINING.  So the babe and I have been heading out every other day, in our wonderful $25 dollar stroller we got at a garage sale that I would have paid 10x that for.  If I leave the house by 8am she can generally stay awake, though I can occasionally be seen swinging the stroller back and forth and singing at the top of my lungs as I go, while occasionally dumping a little cold water on her.  It does the job.  The roads up East of us, Greenwood/North Greenlake/Phinney Ridge area are nice for running, even some good non-paved edge of road to cushion my aging knees.  Alaythia gets pretty excited when we see people out walking their dogs, which also helps to keep her awake.  I tell her to savor those doggie-encounter-moments as she will never have a doggie.

People have also been asking us what Kabyn is up to, what our house is up to… Kabyn is working with our dear friends Calvin and Dorothy Echodu for Pilgrim.  I’m not sure what could be more of a work culture shock than from going from a lifeless grey cubicle to an African NGO.  Needless to say, he is ever so glad not to be in said lifeless grey box, which is making him much more fun to be around. 🙂

As for the house… ah, the house.  Let’s just say it’s nice and cool in the basement, and we have all the room we need and then a bunch more.  So, it’s nice.  We can’t really afford to keep it.  And we are sick of maintaining it.  So it failed in its first market attempt, but it’s headed on again soon, in  hopes of snagging those first time homebuyers who want to get their discount while it still exists.  They can have our big, sunny four bedroom house on a lot with a big lovely yard, cheerful creek, with plenty of storage, daylight, and charm.  We want a nice small apartment somewhere for a while.  We’ve only just recently gone from needing one bedroom to two, so four is really not necessary at present.

Yes, the babeso is going to her own little bed at bedtime now.  That’s our Change of the Week.  I’m all about the one-change-at-a-time thing, which is going pretty well.  We pick one change, then stick with it for a while, once it’s going well for a bit, add another.

Speaking of, the Babeso, as we call her more often than most anything else (pronounced BABE-zo), is doing well.  Currently she is sleeping very soundly after utterly wearing herself out at swim lessons.  Today and also Sunday, at Greenlake, she was almost giddy with joy of splashing and paddling around (with me helping her support her weight).  She doesn’t mind taking a quick dunk under, as we’re learning in our swim lessons, and she stays incredibly happy for about 25 minutes—after which she’s exhausted and hungry.  She was so tired today after lessons that, at lunch in her high chair after, she threw her piece of chicken down onto the tray and burst into tears.  Real, streaming tears. 

If it wasn’t so sad looking I would have laughed pretty hard, so I only laughed a teeny bit.  If she’s less tired, one of her favorite foods is chicken–at a BBQ in Olympia recenly, she held tightly onto a 1″x2″ piece of moist, yummy chicken BBQed up by my dad (not the edge, the soft inside), and patiently worked on it for about half an hour, at which point she had eaten the entire thing.  For all you food worriers, don’t worry, she has no teeth and thus can’t really bite any huge chunks off, and I was watching her closely.

Speaking of food, she likes it pretty well.  She’s not a huge eater, but she’s slowly learning to enjoy more.  She loves to carefully pick up each piece with her fingers, and knows to only eat one bite at a time.  She likes cooked ;peas, little pieces of peach, strawberry, or blackberry; she’ll eat pasta, especially with flavorful sauces, with great delight; and she is in every way a carnivore: beef, chicken, pork, and even vegan or turkey sausages.  She’s a classy eater–no bland baby food for her–and likes things well cooked and well seasoned.  She seems to be pretty willing to eat most fruits and vegetables, if not at first, then eventually.  And if all else fails, Cheerios and baby crackers are rarely turned away.  No matter what, she loves drinking water, which is good in the heat.

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One Response to Heat in Seattle

  1. Mom Mae says:

    We know that Alaythia will never have a puppy all her own at her house but she will likely always have one she can call her own at Grandpa Marc and Grandma Mae’s house. We’ll let her help pick out the next one – a few years down the road. Maybe one that can hear.

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