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Competition and Grace

Our sweet little girl.  Full of curls and sugar and spice and everything nice… Turns out little miss A has inherited a good healthy sense of competition from her mother and her Auntie Misha.  Click below to see her with … Continue reading

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Alaythia and Kabyn Watching Football

As promised… (click to watch) And a little bonus, in honor of Kabyn’s stepbrother Austen and his now-fiancee Sherry, as of this weekend (they gave her the bear you will see featured in the clip).  Congrats, Austen and Sherry!

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The Sleep Update, Day 2

Night 2:  Alaythia went down around 7pm with minimal fuss.  No re-visiting required.  I decided not to pump before bed ~10pm, as I assumed she’d wake up to eat within the next few hours.  I assumed wrong.  Fortunately, I woke … Continue reading

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Alaythia Crawls, and Spends Her First Night in Her Crib

We have a number of big milestones around here lately. Alaythia is now officially crawling.  She had been working on it, working on it, thinking about it, for several months. For a while there she just bounced and scooted (see the … Continue reading

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