Alaythia Crawls, and Spends Her First Night in Her Crib

We have a number of big milestones around here lately.
Alaythia is now officially crawling.  She had been working on it, working on it, thinking about it, for several months. For a while there she just bounced and scooted (see the below video for an example).
Then, on Friday morning, July 24, 2009 in Olympia, under the watchful and encouraging eyes of grandparents, Alaythia took the plunge.  One knee… then another… and she was off!  She was quite exhilirated at first by her new skills–though she had to be encouraged by balls (her favorite toys) being tossed to chase, and they had to be at that far-but-not-too-far distance.  By then end of that Friday, however, when Kindra and Elijah came over, she was busily chasing Elijah (a much more confident crawler) around our living room–which likewise exhilirated her.  She had never explored at our house before, and because we had been in Olympia, she didn’t have a chance to explore before Elijah came over.  So, he did the exploring, and she chased him from exciting finding to exciting finding.  I captured a little bit of it here, though by the time I thought of filming it had calmed a little bit. 
She also came up with her first two little bottom teeth recently.  Thankfully for me, she doesn’t bite when she should not be biting.
Last but in NO WAY least, Alaythia spent her whole night in her crib last night!!!  Here you wondered what sort of weird freakish hippies slept with their kids, and now you know.  The Vikesland sort.  It’s a Viking thing, you know… it’s so cold in those Viking lands and they just live in tents, so everyone sleeps in one bed to keep warm….
The night went better than we had expected.  I had studied up–again, yes we did do this before, and though babe adjusted we had some milk supply and other issues–all the sleep books, and knew to be braced for some crying.  And let me tell those of you who have never had a baby, or are so lucky as to have had those sedate sleep-through-the-night-from birth babies, crying in the middle of the night is LOUD.  And you are incapable of making decisions.  Or remembering any kind of plan. 
We decided on the Ferber plan, which oddly enough is sort of the famous original Cry It Out plan, but is actually nice and gradual and reasonable–while being effective, or so many people had said.  We had decided to take one step at a time, so the last few weeks we had been putting her to bed in her own bed, a little earlier each night, and checking and consoling at intervals (you have to read his book to get the plan, but pretty much you go about every 5 then 10 then 15 minutes the first night, 10-15-20 the second night, as so on.  Actually anything that has increasing intervals is fine, he says). 
Let’s just say bedtime was not a hit.  She’d go to sleep, and if we were lucky and timed it right, it was about 15 minutes till sleep.  If we weren’t lucky, it was like an hour.  So not fun.  Sleeptraining going well is like labor going well–it’s misery regardless, at least for the mom.  🙂
So back to First Night in Crib night.  We actually moved our beds downstairs just so we could do this, so the rooms would be sort of close but not too close.  Close enough to hear a real nighttime crisis, but not so close as to hear every little moan and groan and baby mumbling in the night. 
So after she got to sleep, which went well and was by 7.30 or so, she then woke up SCREAMING at 8.45, which is odd…. I went down after giving some time to make sure it was a for real wakeup, and it turns out she had a giant poo.   cGIANT.  This is what comes of eating as much spaghetti for dinner as we ate….  I nursed her, calmed her, put her back into bed, though then she was exhausted and out of sorts and hadn’t wanted to wake up, so she screamed and screamed out of sheer half-asleep half-awake tired grumpiness, and finally got back to sleep.  Then at 10.30 woke again, nursed her, then we went in every few minutes to calm and soothe, me, then Kabyn, then me.  My second time in I just held her and swayed for a while, trying to get her all sleepy though not to sleep, as then she’d just wake up as she landed in the crib again, and the whole drama would start over.  As I held her and swayed I thought, “this is never going to work.  this is going to be a terrible night at this rate.  i’m so tired.  we may have to give up.  she can’t do this.  i can’t do this.”  I finally put her back in her bed, and after a few minutes, silence.  I figured she must still be crying, but I turned on the monitor briefly, and sure enough, asleep!  Whew.  I was too stressed to go to sleep, but finally did around midnight.  And woke up at 7:17am, hearing some happy morning baby singing.  Kabyn woke up too.  “LOOK AT THE CLOCK!!”  I said.  “She did!!!  WE did it!”  I went in to get her, and she was happy and smiling and rested and calm.  We played for a while, she calmly and happily ate a huge breakfast and played for a while, then around 9am went down for a nap.  A nice, long, happy nap.  Then off to church, where she played with some other babies and little kids quite happily, then another good long nap–the longest nap total she’s had in one day in a while.  She’s been happy and silly and sweet all day. 
And what is she doing right now?  Think about it, folks… Sunday afternoon, August… what would Kabyn be doing right now?  What does Kabyn love to do on a Sunday afternoon?  (no, not sleeping.  he already took his Sunday nap).  Pre-season football!!!  Alaythia, as she did last year, LOVES watching football.  She has no attention span for Baby Einstein videos, but she cannot hardly look away from football.  She stares and makes happy noises, and occasionally claps.  Stay posted–video of this coming next post.  And hopefully, more success in the sleeping department.
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  1. Grandma Ruth says:

    I can’t tell you how much I enjoy these reports. Thank you.

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