The Sleep Update, Day 2

Night 2:  Alaythia went down around 7pm with minimal fuss.  No re-visiting required.  I decided not to pump before bed ~10pm, as I assumed she’d wake up to eat within the next few hours.  I assumed wrong.  Fortunately, I woke up at 1.30am and pumped, then tried for a while to go back to sleep–sleep-training me is more work than her!  At 7am, we all woke up, her singing happily in her crib, and me feeling more human than I have in… ummm…. a year and a half! 

Tonight, she went down around 7pm, and by the time I got upstairs to turn on the monitor, was down with any bedtime pouting and was sound asleep.  Amazing!!  Hopefully another 12 hour night…! 

Don’t have the video of her watching football uploaded yet, soon….

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