Many Thanks to Many Folks

The house is, at long and wearisome last, sold.  As of yesterday we are happily and gratefully renters of a cute, cozy apartment literally overlooking Greenlake.  It would not be proper to say anything more about our lives without a few notes of thanksgiving.

Firstly, it must be acknowledged that God has faithfully and graciously answered our prayers.  I’m not sure if many hours have gone by in the last year that Kabyn did not pray for the house to sell.  It was a lovely house, with many charming, beautiful features, but it was just not the right place for us—too big, too much, and when it comes down to it, we’re just not cut out to be homeowners, at least not at this point in our lives.   Not only were our prayers answered by the house selling, but our prayers are answered by the wonderful little apartment we are currently living in.

Some other key thank you’s that are by no means a complete list, but rather a smattering of figures I can remember in my tired state:

~Marc and Mae Fulmer: you know how much you worked on that house, year after year the last three years.  Even if we don’t live there any longer, we appreciate how much love and time and effort you put into it to make it a good place to live, and a place we can feel good about passing along to someone else.  And during the big key hand-off, the buying agent said a number of nice things about the house—namely the beautiful wood framed porch, built by Marc, and she specifically pointed out the nice flowers Mae recently spent a day putting in.

~Greg and Madelaine (Dad and Mom) Smith: we spent many days of crazy houselooking time camped out in your house like wandering teenagers, lying around waiting for the phone to ring, dumping our junk all over your living room, lounging on your couches in our pajamas, eating all your vegan food, and rarely even doing a dish.  It was great.  Thanks for letting us just take a break after frantically getting our house eerily clean and depersonalized.  The agent also commented on “good staging”, which was Mom’s masterpiece in a crazy day of furniture moving and cleaning and arranging less than 24 hours before it went back on the market, and today our new apartment is perfectly organized thanks to Mom’s ability to turn a somewhat-unpacked somewhat-home-feeling apartment into a beautiful arranged, peaceful home, complete with more drawer organizers than I even knew existed.

~Jason, Elisabeth, and Ian Haggard:  I can’t even begin to count the number of hours Alaythia and I have spent camped out at your house in the last 6 months.  It all started as “we might drop by on occasion while someone looked at the house”, to spending the better part of a day there 1, 2, or even 3 times a week.  It has been such a blessing to have a little “home away from home” that always feels welcoming.  Not only have you given us a place to land, I generally get fed a fantastic lunch, Alaythia has a blast playing with Ian (or in earlier months, took many a wonderful nap right in your bed, which I suspect is still her favorite bed on the planet), and we just get to unwind and enjoy time with you guys.  Not once did I get the feeling we were overstaying our welcome and it would be great if we could invade someone else’s space for a change, though I’m sure you must have felt that way sometimes, given the excessive amount of time, often unpredictable or much longer than planned, we spent in your home.  Thanks for taking hospitality to the next level and letting us into your lives.  And home.  And don’t worry, we won’t tell people about the whole not flushing, no matter what, when Ian is sleeping thing…

~Liam McPherson and Jon Stanley:  thanks for the invaluable and timely help on the house on more than one occasion.  We are VERY grateful.  Make that VERY VERY. 

~All the people that ever came to one of our “work on the house parties” that were more work than party.  There are embarrassingly too many people here to mention, and they started before I even came on the scene.

~All the people who prayed for our house to sell: you and God know who are you, and we are very grateful.

~Ted Dietz with Windermere, Rob Luecke with ShopProp, and Kelly Hopper with Century 21: all great agents, many thanks to each of you for playing a role in the sale process.

~Little sweet Alaythia Esther:  for months she patiently and happily let me drag her to and from the UW for long days of grad school lab work, and as soon as that stopped she patiently went with me from place to place to get the house fixed up, and to stay at many other homes while our house was being shown.  She has let me drag her in one arm while cleaning with the other arm for more hours than I can count, and has been entertained by singing and narrating and trying to make interesting the description of what I’m doing when I’m doing work on the house that I can’t hold her during.  She started this patient endurance while I was pregnant, during which I did a few things I shouldn’t mention lest you be shocked, like hanging out happily while I painted the South side of the house at 36 weeks pregnant with one of those giant extension-roller things.  Note: to Kabyn’s credit he NEVER insisted I do this, but Alaythia and I felt we had the energy… 

~Hilary and KC Dameron: among others who let us camp in their house, you let us enjoy many wonderful, peaceful times of rest is your apartment—including the key day in which The Buyer toured our house (twice).  Hilary–your help with Alaythia on numerous occasions over the past year, and your desire to see us have some time of rest and calm as you take care of us, has been such a wonderful blessing. 

~All the others who let Alaythia and I drop by your homes, or who have come to help me get enough work done these past months despite the house interruption: Shirley, Sarah, Kindra and Elijah, Susannah and Sam, Dorothy and Ellie, I know there are others but we literally have been at so many homes I cannot recall them all in my current tired state

I’ll stop here, as my dear child who looks so much like her father is showing signs of being much like her mother… after a little “evening nap” on yet another day of house/moving/settling schedule weirdness, awoke singing and playing and ready to party, as her poor tired parents were just thinking of going to bed and watching a movie.  Why watch a movie when we could just watch her… and so we shall.


The Vikeslands

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2 Responses to Many Thanks to Many Folks

  1. Grandma Ruth says:

    Great letter. I appreciate your timely information. Thank you for including me.
    So glad your house sold so now you can concentrate on other important things. I love you. Grandma

  2. Sarah H says:

    I am so glad you guys found a great place. Being a renter isn’t too bad. 🙂

    We’d love to come visit you sometime!

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