At long last, the family update… and some other stuff

Ah where to begin.   I’m tired, so we’ll go short and sweet.  If I am every one to be sweet… maybe it will just be short.

Pretty much since we got married, we’ve been talking about moving to St Louis for Kabyn to attend Covenant Seminary.  One baby, one PhD, and one house later, we’re actually, finally planning to do it.  When, you may ask?  We’ll depart somewhere in May-June 2010.  Yes, about two months from now.  All the sudden, it’s not long at all.

After months of a vague “someday, maybe, hopefully, we’ll see, we’re planning on it”, it seems we are finally going.  In the course of a week we went from musing to figuring out where we’d live, detailing how much I’d need to work, thinking out schedule for May, trying to figure out the logistics of all of us getting there (Kabyn: drive, Alaythia and I: fly in a week or two or so later).

After being leery of actually getting excited after the last two years of fail on this idea, Kabyn is tentatively getting excited.  I sort of alternate between vaguely excited, in denial, sad and depressed, worried, nervous, accepting but indifferent, and curious about the new location.

We recently spent a sort of accidental week in Olympia that was a good chance to just get away from our normal lives in Seattle (i.e. we happily did almost nothing and had vegan food cooked for us), that somehow turned into the week that prepared us to actually think about what is coming next.

St Louis??  You may say.  Really??  How could anyone leave Seattle for St Louis?  Well, as stated before, Kabyn is really excited to go to school there.  The cost of living is on the order of half of Seattle, so while I’ll be working there, it’ll be less than here, which will be nice.  More time for me to be with Alaythia and actually just relax on rare occasion.

But, it’s scary.  We don’t know hardly anyone there, no one at all well.   The hot summer terrifies me.  Thankfully the city is kind to people like me, and there are about 10 free swimming pools in the main part of the city (one of the leading reasons to live near the city, in my book).

I’ll end here… we’re watching 60 Minutes as I type on the work of the Global Orphan Project working in Haiti.  A hot summer and a big transition may face us, but it’s nothing to complain in the least about compared to a country full of devastation, suffering, and child slavery.  If you would still like an opportunity to help people in Haiti, this project seems like an amazing group.

I realize this is far off topic, but now I’m totally sucked into this show.  This guy who runs this group in Haiti (he’s Haitian) is a pastor, and works with this orphan relief group.  And in the midst of his work with orphans, trying to convince families to give up their child slaves, the earthquake struck.  His eight year old son was missing.  For weeks, they didn’t know what had happened; finally, his body was found.  This man went to his church the following Sunday and preached at the funeral, grateful for the blessing of at least being able to know what had happened.

So, I am very grateful to have a wonderful husband, and a wonderful daughter.  I’m grateful to live somewhere that may not be perfect, but has a stable economy and infrastructure, I have a job, our home is standing, and we have wonderful family and friends.  And while a move to St Louis sounds a little scary sometimes, it’s not actually a scary place.  In fact, I’ve heard it can even be a little bit lovely.  And EVEN in the faraway land of St Louis, God will be with us.  He is preparing me to be ready for the transition, and will be there help us settle in, find friends, and adjust to still more transition.  Apparently, He also knows how easily I get bored… because the last three years of my life have definitely been anything but boring…

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  1. Wow Alyssa, we will be praying for you! You know I understand how this feels….

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