Bunny Bouncing

Ian and Alaythia had their first Easter Egg Hunt this morning.  One of the two got a little more into the hunting than the other did…

Had the day not had a wind chill around freezing and some occasional rain, it might have been a lovely day at the zoo.  But, it was fun in its cold way.   There were hundreds of kids with parents in tow and basket in hand, some with ears on–and why?  Why celebrate Easter?  Is it just another holiday manufactured and perpetuated by Hallmark and the candy companies?

It’s more because our hearts and minds need help.  Serious help.  Watch Alaythia here and see if you can identify with her state of mind.

Thank goodness there is hope for redemption despite frustration, disappointment, and things just not always going how we want.

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One Response to Bunny Bouncing

  1. Elisabeth says:

    That second video was great – in a not-so-great sort of way, of course 🙂

    Here’s some photos from the Bunny Bounce

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