The Real Hunt

While a trip to “hunt” eggs at the zoo in near-freezing temperatures was fun and all, I felt another hunt was in order.  Besides, I felt Alaythia needed to do more than just pick eggs up off the ground in front of her feet.  Girl needed a challenge.

So what did I do?  I’m pretty sure if my sister Michelle and parents are reading this, you all know exactly what I was about to do.   Yes.  I did it.  Many times.

To explain why I did what I did, you must first understand that true thrill of Easter for Michelle and I growing up was not candy.  Nor was it bunnies.  I’d like to say it was the moving church services, but I’m afraid I remember only a few little bits of those.  The true thrill of Easter from my childhood (and yes, this continued into adulthood, I think 2006 marked the most recent time this occurred), was the Great Smith Egg Hunt.

To really understand the Great Smith Egg Hunt, you have to understand my dad, and I can’t possibly explain him for those of you who don’t know him.  Those of you who do are perhaps already laughing.  The thought of a 6’6″ man carefully hiding mountains of brightly colored plastic eggs in places only other 6’6″ men or perhaps 6″ tall animals could find is amusing enough.  This egg hunt was no simple affair.  A good one took hours, even days, to get all the eggs.  And there was no real limit to doing the hunt on Easter, or just doing it once.  Why limit the fun!  And I really think those egg hunts might be some of my favorite memories of childhood (and yes, into adulthood).  And no, there was rarely anything in the eggs, and no, we definitely weren’t into hiding real eggs.  It’s all about the hunt, people!  The competition!!  Not about candy.  And certainly not about eggs that could rot if not found in their precarious position, 9′ up a tree.

So, yesterday evening I decided the time had come for Alaythia to have a real egg hunt.  So, I stole away her precious set of plastic eggs, made her stay in the living room, and hid them around her room.

You can watch what happened next…

And yes, this was but one round of many.  I’d hide them in her room, when she found them there, she had to stay in her room while I hid them in the living room, then back to her room, then back to the living room, until she took all her eggs, ran back to her room, placed them all over her room, then began gleefully gathering them up again.

Alaythia, like all those of true Smith blood, had found the real thrill of the Great Easter Egg Hunts: hiding the eggs.

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