Watch Out for Crocodiles

…if you’re in de-nial.

I remember that amusing me greatly about 18 years ago (what??  am I even older than that?  how can I be remembering 18 years ago, that is a loooong time!).

But of late, I’ve heard from a few friends who are stepping away from the crocodiles and facing up to the fact that the Vikeslands actually seem to be leaving to St. Louis.  Yes, at long last, it does seem it will happen this time.  So after a couple years of being sad and worried and excited and mostly hanging out with crocodiles in de-nial, I’m also having to start facing up to the fact.

Yes, we are moving.  To St. Louis (“of all places” is usually how I finish that statement…).  Soon.  Next month, actually.  Frighteningly soon.

But, turns out being with the crocodiles and worrying about leaving and being sad about leaving was more difficult than just getting ready to go.  Well, maybe at least every other day that is true.  The opposite days it’s just depressing and a bit overwhelming.  For those of you who don’t know, I’ve never been to St. Louis, I have spent just one hot summer in the steamy Midwest summer, and I’ve spent pretty much my entire life in nice temperate rainforest Western Washington.  Family, friends, life, memories, history, culture, it’s all here.

So St. Louis?  OF ALL PLACES?  Indeed.  Kabyn is off to Covenant Seminary to finally study theology with someone besides himself.  He and his eight boxes of theology books will be off to a whole new world of learning.  Why Covenant?  Many of you have asked.  I’ll try to summarize Kabyn’s answer to that:  because they train people to care about other people.  While they read a lot and write a lot, the primary focus is not on intellectual pursuits.  The training is very focused to the personal, to the tangible.  How can what we learn connect to what we do?  And how can that help a community of people to figure out the mess of life, figure out how to care for the poor, figure out how to bring reconciliation and healing?  How can strong convictions lead to gracious actions?  He feels the faculty at Covenant embodies answers to these questions, so we are going to St. Louis so he can learn from them in person.

Once upon a time, we almost went to St. Louis, but then we had a baby, a PhD to finish, a house to sell, still a house to sell, and finally, a house sold but not until last fall.  So, 31.5 months of marriage later (yes, it’s not yet long enough to move from counting months to counting years), a 19 month old daughter later (do the math, we’re all good), a 6.5 year long PhD later, and a market-crash-house-selling-season later, we’re actually about to go.

After all those numbers (oh how I love numbers), I will say that those numbers seemed to be just the right ones to get us ready to go.  While it will be sad to leave, very sad actually and I’ll quickly go on so I don’t keep thinking about that, we feel ready, prepared, expectant.   I have prayed many a sad night to actually be ready to move when it is time, and for it to be at the right time, and I feel like those prayers have been answered in just the right way.

Several friends-of-friends who currently live in St. Louis have been a wonderful part of the last month of getting-ready-ness.  Multiple people we have never even  met have offered us food for when we arrive, a place for Kabyn to stay (he’ll drive down, then little A and I will fly later), help in finding an apartment, and most importantly to me, a point of real human connection to a city that for me, only exists on Google Maps.

Thanks to Google Maps, I’ve been “walking” all over St. Louis, to try and get acquainted.  It’s actually surprisingly pretty, and seems like a great place to have a toddler.  Tons of fun, free/inexpensive, kid-friendly things to do.  And thanks to other modern conveniences, like Skype, Facebook, and even good old fashioned email and cell phones, I hope to stay in good touch with the good people of the Northwest.

Humorously, this blog began to document our post-wedding trip to Africa.  If you’ve been following a while, you know that we never went, but instead had our lovely daughter, and the blog switched to documenting pregnancy, PhD graduation, houseselling, and now a move across the country.  I hope to keep it more updated, so you can feel connected to us even if we leave in St. Louis (OF ALL PLACES!).  I’ll try and keep a good amount of Alaythia pics and videos on it for all her fans and friends.

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One Response to Watch Out for Crocodiles

  1. Sarah says:

    I know the “of all places” feeling all too well. (Utah? Alaska?!) I also know you’ll look back someday and remember lots of good stuff about that place. 🙂

    We’ll miss you though!

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