You Can’t Take it With You

The inevitable work of an upcoming move is to sort stuff, get rid of stuff, pack stuff, and on occasion,  buy stuff.  We only sold our house and moved her at the end of last September, so moving/sorting is fresh in our heads.  We downsized as much as we could at that time, but I realized what we are taking to our apartment in St Louis is still quite different from what we moved into this apartment with.

What we brought here versus what we’re taking with us tells a lot about our lives over just 8 months.

What We Brought Here …………………What We’re Taking With Us

a 12-month old                                                   a 20-month old

a crib and pack’n’play                                       a crib mattress

a high chair                                                           a booster seat

a child who could crawl                                   a child who begs to go outside to “walk!  walk!”

a child with a vocabulary of <10 words     a child with a vocabulary of 100+ words

a lot of bright colored baby toys                  a lot of push toys, magnetic letters, easel, giant Legos

two pairs of size 4 shoes                                   two pairs of size 4 shoes and six pairs of size 5 shoes

a girl who loves balls                                         a girl who loves shoes, purses, and yes, balls

some size 3 diapers                                            oddly enough, some size 3 diapers

a bunch of size 12 month clothes                 a mountain of sizes 12 and 18 month clothes

tons of pictures and a few videos of little girl      tons of pictures and tons of videos of little girl

a couple who had been married 2 years       a couple who had been married 2.7 years

2 jobs                                                                           1 job

exhaustion from home owning and selling     rest from living in an apartment on Greenlake

a hectic schedule and not much time together      good time together as a family

a child who sometimes slept through the night      sadly, a child who sometimes sleeps through the night

good friends and family nearby                                   preparing to meet new friends, and for a season of quiet

eating not particularly healthful or regular meals      eating delicious and healthy 3 meals a day made by Kabyn

trying to study up on raising a toddler                   just trying to figure out one day at a time

lots of friends who also just had a baby                  many of the same friends with a second baby!

excited to have a new season of life                         enjoyed the season of rest and preparing for a huge change

a bit aimless                                                                       a little more direction and purpose

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