Little Friends

I’m not sure who’s going to miss all Alaythia’s little friends more–me or Alaythia.  We both love them, and will both miss all the mommies and little ones.

These are the little ones whose mothers were pregnant when I was; we shared our tales of tiredness and nausea and ultrasounds and registry making, awaited each other’s due dates, listened to each other’s birth stories, and then watched the tiny infants grow into energetic, silly, sweet, daring toddlers.  Each one of our little friends is definitely his or her (okay, mostly his, we are going to miss all the little boys but are hoping for some more little girl friends in St Louis) own little person.  It’s been fun to see each of their personalities develop, and see each going from lying down to sitting to crawling to walking.

Who are these little ones?  Well, now they’re always on the move, so getting a picture of a group of them was a little out of the question.  I think the following pictures capture a bit of the essence of the their social dynamics and personalities.

We will miss you, little friends.

Some goodbye smiles from Alaythia:

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2 Responses to Little Friends

  1. Grandma Bushby says:

    What great pictures, I am sure the friends will all be missed. Both young and older. I wish you all the best of moves. It will be different but a nice adventure. Love you guys. GRANDMA

  2. Babu says:

    so sad

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