Moved Out, and A Syllogism of Comfort

Well, we’re all moved out.  We’re not really moved in anywhere yet, unless you count our temporary home in Olympia.  We have sort of moved in here, though.  Certainly Alaythia has–her many pink outfits are carefully arranged on the shelves in the closet of “her room”.

Thanks to the help of Marc, Jason, and Jeremiah, our two crates are stuffed to the gills (i.e. there is not room for even one more small box in either crate!), and ready to travel to St. Louis.  We had a lovely going away party at the Haggards, and even managed to get a picture of Alaythia and her friends sitting on the couch together:

And you are correct if you guessed that picture was not effortless to create.   What you can’t see is the group of 8 parents cheering and waving in the background, and the two parents hiding behind the couch.

The party was a wonderful time for encouragement and a reminder of years gone by in Seattle.  Most of our lives these days is very focused–work, study, moving, taking care of little one, try to get some sleep and eat and maintain the minimal basics of a functioning existence.  An opportunity for reflection and hanging out with friends is rare, so it was wonderful to have some time for that this last week.  Our last week in Seattle, while hard and sad, may also have been one of my favorite weeks in Seattle.  I didn’t work much, and instead enjoyed some time with friends–some of the time on my own, even, without the little cute one in tow.  We got well-showered with chocolate-y presents, and leave Seattle feeling well-loved.

The last week did have the drama of apartment-hunting, made more dramatic by the fact that apparently, the St Louis rental market is hotter than one might think.  As soon as we found a place we wanted, whoosh, it was gone by the time the people got back to us.  But thanks to a few energetic, kind friends who we have never even met, Keren and Bethany, we do now have an apartment.  So it’s nice to be able to leave knowing we are actually going somewhere else to live.  I definitely got a bit panicked a few days, after seeing not one but ALL TEN of our Ten Favorite Apartments disappear that we had put on an excel spreadsheet with rankings in six different categories (yes, we are nerdy).  But we found a nice place with a nice landlord, and Kabyn can start moving in as soon as he arrives.  Which will be about May 24th, if you’re curious.

Last Sunday I was very sad to be at our church for the last time, at least for quite a while.  I’m not always one for falling in love with churches, but we all really liked the service and the people and just how things are at Green Lake Presbyterian.  We have wonderful friends there that we will definitely miss.  I’m sad now thinking that they’re all there right this second, together without us.

I think a lot of why I could survive the last week was because of a moment of comfort I received during church last Sunday.  I’m sure many of you are comforted by beautiful things or pleasant sensations or nice emotions, but God knows that I’m the sort of person who can be comforted by math, science, and logic.  So indeed it was.  Here is the little syllogism that suddenly came to mind, and has been very comforting to me this week:

A.  I believe Kabyn should go to seminary in St Louis, and that is absolutely the right thing for him to do

B.  I believe wives and husbands should travel through life together, and that the truly best thing for one is also the best thing for the other

C.  I am married to Kabyn

Therefore, I should travel through life with Kabyn, going to St Louis, and that it is the best thing for both of us.  All of us–Alaythia included.

This syllogism has been a good comfort to me this week.  Instead of listening to myself be sad and complain and worry, I’ve tried to spend at least a bit of time talking to myself–repeating this syllogism of comfort over and over.   And now I have officially committed it to print, so it will be here to remind myself of when a few months from now, I’m hating the 105 degree steamy summer, missing my friends and family, and wishing I could just go jump in Green Lake, or sit on Elisabeth’s couch and work while Alaythia and Ian make silly noises to each other.

I think that’s about all for today.  You’ll probably see a good deal more postings from me these days, as I’ve got lots of time to rest and reflect here in Olympia, and once we arrive in St Louis, I want to keep y’all updated of our oh-so-exciting life.

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One Response to Moved Out, and A Syllogism of Comfort

  1. Elisabeth says:

    I like your syllogism. I think I may be developing one of my own very soon, as Jason ponders life and future plans.

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