Life Down South

…by which I am NOT referring to life in St. Louis.  No, Alaythia and I are camped out in Olympia in Smithland for a couple weeks.

Where is Kabyn?  Well, if you’re quick and are reading on a feedreader, he’s in the biggest city he will see for quite some time—Kalispell, Montana.  More likely, he is probably in the middle of eastern Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, or if you’re slow on the blog reading, northern Missouri.  I know–you are probably asking yourself if his trip could possibly get any more interesting.

You probably have visions of him livening the trip up by rocking out to lots of fun music, but I must tell you he’s spending most of the time listening to a fairly monotonic recording of a lot of Greek parts of speech (by which I do mean ancient Greek, New Testament Greek) on the CD player.  I’ve married a very good man.  A very diligent and hardworking man.  Sometimes I hear bits of his Greek CDs and I think I might start pulling out pieces of my arm hair if I listen to all those parts of speech for too long. And keep in mind I’m a person who did a lot of computer programming of matrices to keep track of nanosecond motions of atoms.  I mean, the man is HARDWORKING.  And dedicated.

For the many Alaythia fans out there, she is doing okay through the last week.  Not her best week, but we were so, so relieved and grateful that she seemed to have no problems sleeping upon arrival in Olympia.  In fact, she seemed to love her cozy little room downstairs, her big comfy twin mattress (she may be little but she manages to use every inch of it over the course of a night…), and has slept through the night every night since we arrived. This is especially good news now, as Kabyn has been her nighttime attender, and I wasn’t sure I could keep up his level of skill and precision.

Alaythia bunny has been a bit on the grouchy side since arriving, not because she’s not enjoying herself, but I think she’s perhaps just expressing that now that things are calmer, she would like all of my attention she can get.  Perhaps she feels a bit dissettled, hard to know, but she doesn’t even want me to eat instead of giving her attention.  Maybe it’s her way to help me lose the last bits of weight from her residence in me once upon a time…

But a few grouchy waves have not stopped the little one from attending, enjoying, and thriving in Smith Homeschool.  I can’t properly explain that to those of you who don’t know my parents, but suffice it to say that since she arrived, she has had piano lessons, cooking lessons, alphabet lessons, number lessons, tea serving lessons, building lessons, walking in one high heel lessons, dancing lessons, gardening lessons, and yes, potty training lessons.  Videos/pictures hopefully to come on a few of those (not the last one, though…).  If you’re curious about her science lessons, we’re focusing on photosynthesis for the Spring, as it seemed fitting for the season.

And while you may be thinking that of course the kid is grouchy, she’s stressed about all her homework–actually, the more interesting new things she learns and works on, the happier she seems to be.  She loves a new little thing to learn and think about. And no, we’re not as scary as we sound.  At least not quite as scary.  She did study some alphabet flashcards during church, though…

That’s about it here.  I’m enjoying quite a bit more of a relaxed pace here; less work stress/time than I’ve had in a while; a chance for some quiet reflection, even reading (a book!  not a computer screen!  that’s a first in a year or two); good fun playtime with Alaythia; lots of healthy vegan food.  Though I sprinkle cheese in a few of the vegan things on occasion… and once my mom introduced Alaythia to the idea of eating yogurt in her play teacup, she was hooked.  It is good to have found another way to get her to eat.  Though I wonder–will I be posting a picture of all the Vikeslands eating dinner on little plastic tea dishes in the near future?  Stay tuned to find out.

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