One More Day

Hello again everyone.  Today was another long long workday, so with no husband around to relax and watch 21 minutes on with, time for some scribblings.

Life here is starting to settle in… Alaythia has cheered up immensely, thanks mostly to suddenly falling in love with a few food items from Trader Joe’s.  Food makes all the difference!  Plus some good longer-than-usual naps.  Turns out her grouchies seemed to be due a cold; probably had a sore throat at the beginning. 

I’ve been able to settle into the grind of working a long day, and hopefully will get a good number of those in the rest of our stay.  Exciting, I know, but must be done.  Lately it’s been all about Mendelian genetics, meiosis, and a few other related thoughts.

I think my most exciting moment of the day was realizing Kabyn drives into St Louis tomorrow!  It seems hard to even believe–I think for him, as well.  It’s so surreal, after talking about it for so long, preparing… but to actually be there.  I’m sad not to be with him as he has his moment of arrival, but, alas.  His dad is kindly driving out through the Great Plains with him, so I’m glad he’s not alone. 

Come Sunday, Kabyn will get keys to our new home, and begin the process of settling in–finding a washer and dryer (you usually have to bring your own to the hookups there!  weird, I know, never heard of such in Seattle) and getting a table and chairs.  Yes, that huge, beautiful old table of ours was just too huge for apartment life–if you have any furniture or household things you could part with, please consider donating it to Lutheran Community Services!  Our table and chairs is now providing a comfortable dining experience to refugees who are trying to make a new life for themselves in Seattle.

Kabyn will have a week and a half to figure out his way around, get a few household essentials, and unpack (a huge thanks to Covenant Seminary for sending out an “unpacking crew” next week to unload the crates!!!  what a much-needed blessing).  I definitely appreciate that he’s willing to devote himself to getting things settled before we arrive.  He’s great at the engineering of furniture position and such, so I’m happy to be spared the stress and time.  Alaythia and I will be able to rest here, she can spend good grandparent time, and I can work as much as needed.

That’s the news from the Vikeslands for the day… where the woman is getting less strong, the man is always good-looking but probably a bit hairy after days of driving, and the child is most definitely well above average.  Except in her size… We looked for some pull-up diapers for her to try wearing for a few potty-training exercises, but turns out those don’t exist for 21-pound kids wearing size 3 diapers.

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One Response to One More Day

  1. Grandma Bushby says:

    Just wanted you to know, Alaythia’s Grandma Mae was very small also. I believe at 1 year she was just 19 lbs. She could walk under our old dining room table without bumping her head. Good things come in small packages sometimes.
    I am excited about your living in St. Louis, it should prove to be interesting for all 3 of you, Our prayers are with you to enjoy your new home but you will miss the extended family. Love to all of you. Grandma Ruth

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