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Why Life in St Louis is Lower Maintenance than Life in Seattle

10. You don’t have to find time to shower in the morning, because you’re just going to sweat all day. 9. You don’t have to worry that the organic chicken sausage your child just ate came from a non-free-range chicken. … Continue reading

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Visit with MaeMae

This past week MaeMae (Grandma Mae Fulmer) came to visit.  I’ll let you see and watch the week. We enjoyed the local parks, and Alaythia and MaeMae shared their deep and lasting love of flowers.  Mae was impressed that Alaythia … Continue reading

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What I’ve Learned from Bones

So my in-laws are to thank for introducing me to Bones one of the nights Alaythia and I were at their house (back in our pre-St Louis, post-Seattle days, the last half of May).  I got slightly hooked on first viewing. … Continue reading

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Picnic at Forest Park

Today it was time for Alaythia and I to meet Forest Park, which I decided has to be one of the best city planning moves in the history of city planning.  It’s HUGE, and full of gorgeous museums, a huge … Continue reading

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An Afternoon in St Louis

These days, we have a pretty great schedule.  Mornings have been Alyssa worktime/Alaythia and Kabyn hang out/free and amazing zoo/Costco time, then a giant afternoon nap, then it’s family fun time!  Our little one (and us, really, too) remains on … Continue reading

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Alaythia at the Playground

Tired here but wanted to document a few of Alaythia’s early St Louis playground experiences.  Sorry no pictures, maybe soon. Playground 1:  Tower Grove park, our neighborhood playground. Suffice it to say Alaythia was the smallest, weakest, slowest, and whitest … Continue reading

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Things We’ve Learned So Far

90 degrees and humid feels way better than 50 degrees and humid Don’t buy chicken at large St Louis supermarkets A two hour church service isn’t long if you sing/hear songs and readings in four or five different languages A … Continue reading

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