Things We’ve Learned So Far

  • 90 degrees and humid feels way better than 50 degrees and humid
  • Don’t buy chicken at large St Louis supermarkets
  • A two hour church service isn’t long if you sing/hear songs and readings in four or five different languages
  • A two hour church service is more enjoyable if you take a nap in Kabyn’s arms (Alaythia, not me)
  • Also Alaythia: how to climb a steep, old-fashioned set of stairs; how to select the perfect gelato (purple!  brown!) and then eat it carefully with a spoon without spilling a single melting drop; how to repeatedly fall (or dive, I suspect) underwater in a kiddie pool without choking or swallowing any water; how to [finally] enjoy cold milk instead of a bottle of milk heated for exactly 22 seconds in the microwave
  • Juneuary doesn’t exist here.  But we love you, Seattlites.  Sorry to see your sad, cold FB updates as we decide whether or not to put on sunscreen
  • Children do not magically adjust time zones like cell phones do
  • Having an awake and cheerful child in the evenings is pretty fun on a warm evening
  • However good the restaurant is, it’s still not fun to take a toddler
  • Outdoor, good, live music at a nearby martini bar sounds kind of hip, unless you listen to free concerts from said bar until 1am every weekend night
  • Noise machines can partially block martini bar music
  • 1am CST is only 11pm PST, so who really cares if there’s music until that time
  • My husband is brilliant!!  He tested out of the majority of his intro Greek language requirement.  What a stud.
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2 Responses to Things We’ve Learned So Far

  1. WenatcheeTheHatchet says:

    That last one makes me particularly happy! 🙂 I was hoping he’d be able to ace that.

    Out of curiosity, why shouldn’t you buy chicken at large St. Louis supermarkets? I just remembered I’ve got a frozen chicken I should cook up in the crock pot some time this week.

  2. Babu says:

    The martini bar perfectly demonstrates that the walkability rating still equals the converse of the quietability rating.

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