Alaythia at the Playground

Tired here but wanted to document a few of Alaythia’s early St Louis playground experiences.  Sorry no pictures, maybe soon.

Playground 1:  Tower Grove park, our neighborhood playground.

Suffice it to say Alaythia was the smallest, weakest, slowest, and whitest child on the playground.  She did an admirable job trying to keep up with the other kids, and was mesmerized by their climbing, jumping, and pull up abilities (here I refer to an amazing two year old girl who did two pull ups with only a little bit of help from her dad).  After spending five minutes climbing up the playground steps as kids dashed up all around and over her, little A gave up, and happily sat on a tiny stool with a little table at the side of the playground, and enjoyed watching the other kids.

Playground experience 2:  The covenant seminary playground, during a summer student picnic tonight.

Here she savored all the fun bikes and trikes, but only by sitting on them, and getting in and out of them, trying to master the art of sitting on a sitting-and-moving toy.  After attempting that for a while, she moved to walking around the ~foot wide stone edge of the playground.  She walked carefully around the playground, crawling up and down a few steps and stepping from the playground to the edge, and from the edge to the grass.  She did it all without falling–and this more admirable because it was in her blue linen dress, which she insisted on wearing.  The whole thing was vaguely reminiscent of Anne of Green Gables wanting to go to the Sunday School picnic in her blue puff sleeves dress, and then the walking on the top of the roof that soon followed.  Apparently Alaythia has Anne’s delight in fashion, and her thrill of the challenge of walking on narrow edges.  Not once this evening did Alaythia head to the nice two playground structures, and she did not want to swing.  She probably spent a full hour just walking around the edge and climbing up and down steps.  Which does, by the way, lead to a much bigger than average Alaythia appetite (almost getting close to the average toddler!), but apparently the appetite belonged only to cupcakes, which she begged and begged for after the walking, and was denied by her cruel parents.

But not to worry–we’d already let her have more cookie than I’ll admit here, and she downed the milk when she got home.  “Cold pink milk!”  she calls it, meaning milk straight from the refrigerator, served in the bottle with the pink ring around the top of the bottle.

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