An Afternoon in St Louis

These days, we have a pretty great schedule.  Mornings have been Alyssa worktime/Alaythia and Kabyn hang out/free and amazing zoo/Costco time, then a giant afternoon nap, then it’s family fun time!  Our little one (and us, really, too) remains on PST, which is actually quite fabulous in the summer.  We can go out and enjoy the late afternoon/early evening together!

We’re ready…

Today it was a trip to the big Central Park-like park by our house.  This inscription below is on a little fenced fountain/garden area… read it carefully.  We are NOT in Seattle any longer…

Then click here to see the video of the fountain, which is not to be missed.

Into the park…

Awfully pretty… though a closer look reveals some trees that should look stunning in the fall, and not so hot in February.

Time for the first trip to the fountains.  We thought Alaythia would be scared of all the big kids and big waters, so we didn’t bother putting her in her swimsuit, even though we brought it with us.

We were pretty wrong.

You can watch the fountain fun by clicking here.

After an hour or so of park play, we walked the ~mile or two back home.  We couldn’t quite make it back without a stop at a neighborhood ice cream/smoothie shop, though.  Click here to see more.

Yes, we did change her into her swimsuit AFTER the fountain trip.  It was the only dry clothes we had… and in steamy 85+ weather, it probably seemed like the right outfit.

After our good afternoon/evenings, it’s time for a little bit of the Cardinals with Daddy.  Everyone around here is a die hard fan, so Alaythia and Kabyn are working to fit in, while I start into the evening work hours.  Here she is offering me one of her crackers (from one of the very cool international grocery stores nearby).

And a snack for Daddy.

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