Picnic at Forest Park

Today it was time for Alaythia and I to meet Forest Park, which I decided has to be one of the best city planning moves in the history of city planning.  It’s HUGE, and full of gorgeous museums, a huge Shakespeare in the Park stage, a zoo, golf courses, tennis courts, infinite numbers of picnic spots, and a science center, which we went to today.  And all of it is FREE!!  Unbelievable.  No more fighting traffic in Seattle to pay an arm and a leg to go to one museum.  Just stroll through the science center, stroll out for a picnic, then head back into the museum, then stroll back out for another picnic (which is what we did tonight).

Here’s a few picnic pics:

Why the surprised look?  Click here to find out.

And despite all my ravings of the endless fun summer, Missouri is not perfect, because all our friends and family from Seattle are missing!  Other than that, though, this is a pretty great city.  After the picnic, we drove through the area North of the park, which was full of gorgeous old mansions (gate streets, I kid you not…), then went to the somewhat-Ave-like section of town near Wash U.  A little more Midwest than the Ave, and a little nicer, but similar vibe.  We decided all our going out to eat money will be directed into yummy ice cream and frozen yogurt–make a tasty, inexpensive picnic, then live it up on delicious frozen treats!  Plus, then the focus is quality, not quanity… and it’s way way cheaper than dinner out.  Plus, even the little picky eater will happily pound down the frozen eats.

Okay, time to NOT work for one late evening for a change, and hang out the husband.  Who is the world’s most amazing cook, by the way.  This week he got a huge mountain of delicious produce at the Farmer’s market downtown (did you know spinach could be fluffy and tasty and decadent??? it’s like some other breed of the stuff out here that you don’t even for a second have to pretend to like).  So we’re eating delicious Kabyn-made salads every day.  Yum yum!

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