Visit with MaeMae

This past week MaeMae (Grandma Mae Fulmer) came to visit.  I’ll let you see and watch the week.

We enjoyed the local parks, and Alaythia and MaeMae shared their deep and lasting love of flowers.  Mae was impressed that Alaythia could spot a yellow flower even before she herself could–a rare feat, I’d think–and the two together enjoyed many a flower.  Click here to see a very sweet flower moment, caught unexpectedly on camera.

Alaythia’s love of beautiful things doesn’t end with flowers.  She’s got an eye for anything beautiful in the natural world, and can also appreciate style and taste in the less-than-natural world.  In fact, turns out she finds makeup fascinating.  Click here to see her daily makeup routine with MaeMae.

Little A and MaeMae enjoyed looking through home decorating and design magazines, as that is another shared interest of the two of them.  Little A also has an eye for fashion, evidenced by her opening a Lands End catalogue last month, flipping through, then assertively pointing to a picture of a swimsuit and said, “Bibi!”  Bibi (Grandma Madelaine Smith), wisely bought that exact swimsuit, and  has never been happier with a suit.  Little one also picked out a shirt for Kabyn, which is probably his favorite shirt of the summer.  I’m quite delighted to have a little designer around, and I imagine fairly soon she’ll be ready to take on the domestic chores of home decorating and design.  She’s already very into tidying up, and loves to help with the dishwasher.  Click here to see her in action, doing her daily chores.

What else did we do with MaeMae?  We went to Shakespeare in the Park, and saw Hamlet!  Yes, Ryan and Amy, we did it!  Click here for our proof.  I have no idea if the Hughses read this, so I’ll rely on others of you out there to tell them.

We all loved it–Alaythia included.  My favorite part was when she started repeating pieces of Hamlet’s soliloquoy, testing out the sounds of familiar words mixed with unfamiliar words.  She particular enjoyed saying, “Sleep of death.  Sleep of death. Sleep of death.”  After scenes she enjoyed, she clapped heartily.

We also enjoyed the Wednesday free night at the Missouri Botanical gardens, a place of spectacular flowers, free music, and a super fun kids’ garden/play park.  Alaythia re-discovered her love of hot dogs (a Missouri food staple…).

All in all, it was fun week.  I was pretty busy working for a lot of the time, so it was good to have MaeMae here to shower little one with some extra attention.

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