Sleepless in St Louis

Seriously.  We thought that was just a Seattle thing… alas.  As I write this, it is “naptime”.  Or in other words, Alaythia is quietly playing and talking in her room.  Which is what she did from about 2-4am today as well…

Not that this stops us from having fun.  Yesterday, Kabyn aced his Greek 2 final, and the Biology course I’ve been working on all year was “published” (in an online sense).  We were tired, but headed on out for adventure (click to see how very cool my family is).

We saw this on the way, much to our delight (for obvious reasons).

That taken care of in a Penguin-approved way, it was off to Forest Park, the massive, lovely park that was built to house the World’s Fair (think Meet Me in St Louis…) over a century ago.  We discovered the most amazing playground I’ve ever seen, tucked into a little spot in the park.  We made a friend to go on the teeter-totter with, and let me tell you, that thing is WAY more work than I remember it being… my quads are still burning today.  Seriously.

Daily adventure done, we come home, had our terrible night sleep, woke up against our wishes (did I mention how Alaythia spent a while around 3.30am saying to herself, “Hippos, purple hippos, punkins, purple punkins, purple punkins… hippos!”  Not sure where the purple comes from, but the hippos part refers to one of her favorite videos to watch (over and over and OVER again).  Thanks to Elisabeth for introducing us to those Woodland Park Zoo videos.  I could not possibly count how many times we have watched the grizzly vs grizzly, hippo, or Do the Meerkute videos on that link.

But some eggs, whole wheat biscuits, and coffee later, we were ready for the zoo.  Off we went, and even ran into Alaythia’s little friend Charlie and his dad!  That was a fun surprise.  Alaythia begged us all to go into the bird building place, so in we went.  Here she is enjoying herself quite thoroughly.  Please note in that video that when she identifies the bird as a peacock, and then I correct, she is actually correct (a peahen), not me.  Ooops!  What does this mommy scientist know about birds… but that little girl knows and loves her birds!

A mildly humorous–because everyone was okay–incident happened at the end of the zoo trip.  Alaythia had been begging Charlie to walk, instead of obediently ride in his stroller: “Charlie walk!” she said over and over.  We’re not sure if that was directed to him or his dad… at any rate, Charlie finally obliged her.  She of course then wanted him to chase her, which he did sweetly, per her requests and silliness (running in front of him, checking over her shoulder to make sure he was following…).  It was quite reminiscent of many times she had played the same game with Ian.  Alaythia of course didn’t take into account that Charlie is much more friendly, affectionate, and fast, than she is, not to mention about 6 pounds heavier.  He did what she wanted and chased her, caught up to her, and attempted to give her a big hug while both of them were still moving forward… predictable results.  Everyone was okay.  Both kids seemed a bit rattled, and probably more upset that the game had not gone how they’d wanted.  Charlie seemed sad that his hug had not led for the happy time he had hoped for.  Alas.  Alaythia pouted for the rest of the walk through the zoo, and seemed fine physically, but seemed her pride was a bit ruffled.  All had NOT gone how she wanted, even she people did what she thought she wanted… a good lesson for us all to learn.  What we think we want and what we think we want other people to do just isn’t always the best idea for anyone.

Alaythia, and Kabyn and I, have been very blessed to have met some new friends here.  Both Charlie and his family, and also a new little friend Elijah and his family.  All of us herald from Seattle for at least a significant portion of our history, which is how we got introduced to them.  Alaythia seems to love playing with both little boys.  The other night we had a water fountain in the park and impromptu dinner picnic with Elijah and family, and Elijah’s mom Bethany seemed to sum it up well for me.  “None of us have family here, so we Seattlites have to be each other’s family.”  Indeed.  Here’s a couple pics of Elijah and Alaythia happily running through the fields at Tower Grove Park.

Time to try and rest.  I’m going to attempt my first-ever apple pie, while Kabyn attempts a nap.  Alaythia remains awake, eating crackers, drinking water, playing/folding laundry, and watching the World Cup.

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One Response to Sleepless in St Louis

  1. Grandma Bushby says:

    I’n having a salmon sandwich for lunch. Pretty good. It’s my 3rd one this past week so guess I like them.
    I can’t tell you how much I enjoy the picyures and little adventures. thanks so much fir sharing.
    I am not sure if summer is going to miss us or what. We haven’t seen much of it yet. I have
    not felt an urge to complain of the rain just that it isn’t warm. That is supposed to change and than we’ll whine it’s to hot. Human nature I guess.
    Love to all from Grandma.

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