And Away We Go Again

Alaythia and I go back to the Northwest on Tuesday.  I have to admit, I’ll miss Kabyn, and even miss St Louis, but right now 30 degrees cooler sounds lovely.

We’ve got new coloring books, silly putty, toys from Charlie, new crayons, markers, tiny colored pencils (a prize she won for all her reading at the library in the summer reading program), books (I hid away all the Dr Seuss for a while–they’re longer and should prove interesting and humorous, plus her 26 tiny letter books), and of course, snacks (yes, full of naughty preservatives.  anything that looked like it could create happiness for a 22 month old on an airplane).

Somehow our 2-week trip has already gotten completely booked.  Between grandparents, great-grandparents (none of whom actually live in Seattle), and some work meetings in Seattle, it’s packed out.  I’m hoping staying all over the place doesn’t result in horrible sleep, grouchiness, and exhaustion (as in May), and doing what I can to ameliorate the sleep situation.

I got to enjoy a free work-free and kid-free moments on this Friday afternoon to clean up the house and bake a little goodbye banana cream pie for the husband.  Yay for the weekend.  Not a whole lot else to do before we travel… except, of course, to pack our hats and scarves.

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One Response to And Away We Go Again

  1. Marc Fulmer says:

    Delightful post dil. Thank you, Papa

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